Can I change my Facebook account URL?

Can I change my Facebook account URL?

Your Facebook URL is the last portion of the last portion of the page when you open your profile (after There is no direct option to change your Facebook URL. The only way to change your URL is to change your username.

How can I change my Facebook user ID?

Click (drop-down icon) in the top-right of any Facebook Page and select Settings. Click Username. Enter your new username and your password, then click Save Changes.

How do I change my Facebook group URL 2021?

  1. Access your Group Settings. Click the [••• More] button in the top-right of your Facebook Group. Then, select Edit Group Settings.
  2. Find the Customize Address button. In the Web Address section, click the Change Address button.
  3. Set your page URL in the popup window. Enter a name in the “” box.

How do I locate my Facebook URL?

Android devices generally show the link options in the app, but iOS devices do not.

  1. Open Facebook on your mobile device, navigate to the business page, and tap More.
  2. Scroll down and tap Show Link.
  3. Copy the your URL.
  4. Tap OK.

How can I hide my Facebook username URL?

Click the Edit link next to Username….

  1. You cannot hide the url for you account.
  2. But you can remove your username from the url and keep it as the original link thats long unreadable.
  3. people will no longer be able to find you on the old username.
  4. Your username might get taken by others once removed.

How can I change my Facebook login email 2021?

Tap Settings & Privacy > Settings. Select Personal and Account Information > Contact Info > Add Email Address. Type your email address in the Add an additional email address box, then enter your Facebook password and select Add email. Select Confirm.