Can guppies and swordtails breed together?

Can guppies and swordtails breed together?

Guppies and Swordtails are livebearers which means that their babies come out swimming. Like most livebearers, there is not much to getting your guppies or swordtail to breed. If you have a male and a female then you will eventually have a pregnant female. This will get larger and darker as the pregnancy progresses.

What can Swordtails crossbreed with?

Can Platys Breed With Swordtails?

  • Yes, since Swordtails and Platy fish come from the same family of Xephophorus, they can breed and produce viable offspring.
  • Platies and swordtails are both live bearers, both freshwater fish, and both from the same family: the genus Xiphophorus.

What fish can cross breed with guppies?

Yes, generally closely related species can be crossed.

  • Most domesticated platies and swordtails are hybrids, often platy x swordtail crosses.
  • Other closely related cichlids, live bearers and killifish will hybridize if kept together.
  • How old are guppies when they start breeding?

    Guppies rapidly reach maturity. Since guppies give live birth instead of laying eggs, guppy fry (baby fish) are born more developed that most fish. Unlike egg layers, they start life as miniature adults. A guppy can start to reproduce at only 2 to 3 months of age.

    Can guppies breed with Mollies?

    Potential cross breeding between guppies and mollies These adult fish are not fertile and will not reproduce. Sadly, most babies from the guppies and mollies will die before, during or shortly after they are born. Both guppies and mollies can carry sperm for a long time after reproducing.

    Will guppies breed with other fish in the tank?

    Guppies are one of the easiest species to care for and breed, as they are pretty durable fish and not very fussy. They can adapt to a wide range of water parameters and tank mates, as long as they do not become overly aggressive or territorial. In a healthy environment, guppies will mate shortly after being introduced.

    Can swordtails live with neon tetras?

    Some species of tetra can live with red swordtails. Since swordtails tend to measure between 4 and 4 1/2 inches long, larger tetras are better suited so they don’t end up getting bullied. All tetras are schooling fish, so they need to be kept in groups of six or more of their own species.

    Can guppies breed with swordtails?

    No. Guppies cannot breed with Swordtails. This is because guppies and swordtails belong to a different genus of fish. The guppy fish belong to the Poecilia genus while swordtails belong to the Xiphophorus genus.

    Can swordtails crossbreed with platies?

    Also they are incompatible. The only species that can are mollies and Guppies & Platies and swordtails. Sword tails can only crossbreed with Platies and Guppies can only do it with Mollies.

    Can guppies crossbreed with other fish?

    However, members of the Poecilia genus can crossbreed with each other and members of the Xiphophorus family can crossbreed with each other. Thus a guppy can crossbreed with a molly and a swordtail can crossbreed with a platy. This is because they belong to the same genus or family of fish.

    How long does it take for guppies to get pregnant?

    Like most livebearers, there is not much to getting your guppies or swordtail to breed. If you have a male and a female then you will eventually have a pregnant female. The gestation period for livebearers is usually 28 days but can range from 20 to 40 days.