Can balrogs die?

Can balrogs die?

Balrogs are merely Maiar that were corrupted and serve Melkor, the first Dark Lord. Maiar spirits are immortal and cannot completely be destroyed. We have three examples of a Maia dying or being destroyed (kind of) in the Lord of the Rings and more in the Silmarillion. The main ones are Sauron and Saruman.

Is The Hobbit worth watching?

However, the Hobbit movies are still worth watching. The story was written before the Lord of the Rings and in my opinion is best viewed as a different and deliberately more silly work. The ring Bilbo finds in The Hobbit is not evil, just magical, and that’s rather refreshing.

Did Gandalf die and come back?

4 Answers. By dying when he did, Gandalf had not completed his task of helping to defeat Sauron. And so, he was sent back to Middle-earth as Gandalf the White by Eru, the highest power in the Middle-earth universe. He returned 19 days after his death, and then he lay in a trance.

Can maiar be killed?

So to bring it all together, the answer is that no, in the normal course of events the Valar and Maiar cannot die as their spirits are bound to the world.

What does Gandalf say at death?

“Fly, you fools” is a mid 20th British equivalent to, “run like H*ll!” Given a chance later, he would probably rephrase. Gandalf appreciated heroism and loyalty, which is what the other members of the Fellowship were doing when the Balrog came up behind Gandalf.

Should I watch LOTR or The Hobbit first?

For the films, watch Lord of the Rings first, then watching The Hobbit is optional because it’s almost completely unlike the books or the prior three films in tone or content.

Who is the most powerful maiar?


Are balrogs immortal?

We see this with Sauron (multiple times), Morgoth, Gandalf, Saruman, and various Balrogs. Their spirits (as are all spirits in Tolkien’s world) are immortal. We see this with Sauron (multiple times), Morgoth, Gandalf, Saruman, and various Balrogs. Their spirits (as are all spirits in Tolkien’s world) are immortal.

How does Gandalf die?

Eventually, Gandalf, in some unspecified fashion, did enough damage to the Balrog to kill it; he says he cast it down into the mountain with a great crash, smashing the side of the mountain. THEN Gandalf died. The whole battle lasted 10 days.

Who killed the most balrogs?

Some number of Balrogs were slain by Rog and his House of the Hammer of Wrath before they were all killed. Ecthelion slew four including Gothmog (who is Melkor’s son in this version of the story).

Why was the CGI bad in The Hobbit?

The Theory: “The Hobbit” films were bloated with CGI and long-winded because they represent Bilbo’s own exaggerated retellings of his adventure. Redditor Questionbdp posed the idea as “internal justification” for why the movies were a “disappointment,” and it actually makes sense.

Why is the hobbit not as good as LOTR?

Easter eggs and callbacks to The Lord of the Rings were shamelessly forced into the unnecessary subplots of The Hobbit. The Hobbit falls into the pitfalls of the prequel by focusing too much on the past and not enough on telling its own stories. As the original, The Lord of the Rings didn’t have any of those problems.

Why is the Hobbit so famous?

The Hobbit is a great story because it’s one that absolutely plays to the strengths of it’s writer, and it isn’t afraid to keep itself simple. Look at the way the book deals with language and themes. J.R.R. Tolkien was such a master of language he got bored and started making his own, and it shows.

Why does the Hobbit look so bad?

Assuming you’re referring to the movie it’s because much more CGI was used on the Hobbit than was used on the Lord of the Rings. The software (and hardware) used for the CGI of the Lord of the Rings was limited in how accurate they could make people look on close distances.

Why did Gandalf not die?

Gandalf was granted the ability to return to his body by Eru Iluvatar, Tolkien’s equivalent of the Judeo-Christian God. He was sent back “until his task was done.” His task was simply to be the enemy of Sauron and help the people of Middle-earth defeat him. It was necessary for Gandalf to die briefly, though.

What went wrong with the Hobbit?

One of the main problems in adapting The Hobbit is that Smaug the dragon doesn’t fit the mold of a modern villain, being little more than a hoarder with a bad temper. To solve the problem, Jackson’s Smaug was more vicious than his book counterpart, and this alteration worked well enough for film.