Can a mind flayer become an elder brain?

Can a mind flayer become an elder brain?

After the death of the ulitharid’s body, mind flayers take its brain and place it in a brine pool, where it grows into an elder brain over a few days.

How much HP does an elder brain have?

The value that we think it actually had was “more than you were able to deal with the entirety of an illithid colony bearing down.” However, if we had to estimate a specific value, we’d say that it had a bare minimum of 575 HP.

What happens to mind flayers when the elder brain dies?

Apparently, a mind flayer more than five miles away from the elder brain at the time of death will usually just strike out on its own, and it can’t get within five miles of another brain or it’ll fall under its control.

What do elder brains want?

Broadly speaking, an elder brain wants its community to survive and thrive. As its community is a bunch of mind flayers, that tends to be less than ideal, though sometimes the mind flayers are disagreeing with other equally noxious types.

What CR is an elder brain?

…and at full strength [the Elder Brain] is a CR 20 creature.

How long do mind flayers live?

135 years
Assuming the Mind Flayer lives a full life cycle, they can live up to 135 years. Upon their death, the Mind Flayer’s body has its brain removed before being put into the spawning pool to be consumed by the Elder Brain.

How do you prevent Ceremorphosis?

The safest way was to incinerate or crush the host’s head and then use spells such as resurrection, or true resurrection. Destroyed parts of the victim’s personality could then be reconstructed via restoration and heal spells, as long as the damage was not complete.

How do you beat an elder brain?

As you’re lvl8, there’s already no real way to beat him. Perhaps he will flee quickly considering illithid and elder brains prefer avoiding contact and the risk of dying at all. But more likely he will not planeshift out rather than having more Illithid planeshift in as support.

Are mind flayers strong?

Mind Flayers have very powerful psionic abilities that are the foundation of their abilities. These range from their telepathic communication to their Mind Blast ability to their ability to create thralls.

What is an intellect devourer?

An intellect devourer resembles a walking brain protected by a crusty covering and set on bestial clawed legs. This foul aberration feeds on the intelligence of sentient creatures, taking over a victim’s body on behalf of its mind flayer masters.

What happened to the average Mind Flayer when they joined the elder?

The average mind flayer was unaware that their personality and consciousness were lost when joining with the elder brain, and only their knowledge and ideas survived. This was a fiercely guarded secret kept by the elder brains.

What is an elder brain in mind flayer?

An elder brain was the final stage of the mind flayer life cycle. The elder brain lived in a brine-filled pool in the center of a mind flayer city, where it guided its community by filling them with dark dreams of illithid domination.

How does a mind flayer lose its personality?

Mind flayers sacrificed their brain and individual life by merging with the elder brain, strengthening its powers and intellect. The average mind flayer was unaware that their personality and consciousness were lost when joining with the elder brain, and only their knowledge and ideas survived.

How often do mind flayers eat brains?

Particularly healthy Mind Flayers eat one brain every two weeks. In colonies with access to a large food supply, they may be able to eat brains as often as once per week.