Can a hip labral tear again after surgery?

Can a hip labral tear again after surgery?

Once the labrum has been repaired and all bony impingement has been corrected there is a very small chance that the labrum will re-tear. However, if the labrum is repaired without removing the bony impingement there is a high likelihood that the labrum will tear again.

How successful is hip labral tear surgery?

The arthroscopic hip surgery success rate is around 85 to 90 percent. The operation is performed to help restore your hip’s function, but it’s most successful at easing pain. It’s often difficult to return to vigorous use of the leg in sports or work.

How long do you wear a brace after labrum surgery?

The average postoperative course involves 2 weeks in a hip brace and 2 weeks on crutches to protect the work done on the hip. A brace may be required for 6 weeks, and crutches may be required for up to 8 weeks if the hip’s condition requires a more extensive surgery.

What is lablabral reconstruction?

Labral reconstruction is an Advanced Hip Arthroscopy procedure within a specialized area of orthopedic surgery. It requires highly technical skills and specialized equipment that few centers have. The procedure requires meticulous precision and has a steep learning curve. Dr.

Who is Dr Marc Philippon?

Dr. Marc Philippon is a world-renowned orthopaedic hip surgeon, hip specialist and partner at The Steadman Clinic. He is also the Co-Chief Science Officer,

What is labral transplant surgery?

It is a minimally invasive arthroscopic hip surgery wherein the damaged or deficient acetabular labrum is replaced (transplanted) with either your own tissue (autograft) or cadaver tissue (allograft). The decision of which type of tissue graft to use is made jointly by you and Dr. Hyman.

What is arthroscopic hip surgery with labral reconstruction?

Arthroscopic surgery of the hip with labral reconstruction is a procedure that may be necessary if you’ve had previous arthroscopic hip surgery in which a portion or the entire labrum was removed or if the labrum was repaired and there is ongoing pain.