Are Tayana sailboats any good?

Are Tayana sailboats any good?

Compared with other manufactures, Tayana ranks among the best. And although just slightly below Hylas, Taswell, and Passport regarding price, their quality and sea-going abilities is quite comparable. The interior joinery and woodwork are simply superb, a hallmark of many of the Far East yards.

Is Tayana Yachts still in business?

Unfortunately, Ta Yang have been closed of business since 2020 September.

Where are Tayana boats made?

Production. The design is built by Ta Yang Yacht Building, under the Tayana Yachts brand in Taiwan.

What is weather helm on a sailboat?

Weather helm is the tendency of sailing vessels to turn towards the source of wind, creating an unbalanced helm that requires pulling the tiller to windward (i.e. ‘to weather’) in order to counteract the effect. Weather helm is the opposite of lee helm.

Who designed Tayana 48?

Robert H. Perry

Name of vessel Rapport
Designer Robert H. Perry
Price $315,000 USD
Location Seattle, WA – Swiftsure Yachts display dock
Length (feet) 48

Who designed the Tayana 42?

The Tayana Vancouver 42 was the result of a collaboration between the legendary Taiwanese yard Ta Yang and the equally well-known designer Robert Harris. She followed on the heels of the prolific Tayana 37 design by Bob Perry and was one of a series of “Vancouver” designs including 27 and 36 footers.

What is the difference between weather helm and lee helm?

Lee helm is the tendency of a sailboat to turn away from the wind while under sail. It is the opposite of weather helm which is the tendency of a sailboat to “round up” into the wind.

How do you stop weather helm?

Five Steps You Can Take to Reduce Weather Helm

  1. Increase weight to windward. Move your crew to windward to reduce heeling and flatten the boat.
  2. Ease the mainsheet and Genoa sheets.
  3. Slide the mainsheet car to leeward.
  4. Move Genoa sheet blocks aft.
  5. Reduce sail area (reefing; smaller headsail).

How do you counter weather helm?

What is mast rake?

Mast rake is a measure of how far the mast is angled aft from a straight vertical. A typical mast rake ranges from one to one-and-a-half degrees on a cruising masthead rig to as much as four degrees on a fractional racing rig.

What does a boom vang do?

The vang allows vertical adjustment of the boom, and is an extremely important tool to shape the main for speed. Tension the vang to tighten the leech, flatten the sail and bend the mast. Cruisers use the vang to keep the boom from rising when sailing downwind and abraiding the main.

What is a Tayana 37 sailboat?

A sailboat built by Tayana, the 37 is a cruisers vessel. Tayana 37 boats are typically used for overnight-cruising, sailing and watersports. Got a specific Tayana 37 in mind? There are currently 5 listings available on Boat Trader by both private sellers and professional boat dealers.

Why did Japan change the Tayana 37 to Yanmar?

The latest change was to the Yanmar as standard propulsion. This makes good economic sense, as Japan is closer to Taiwan than either England or Sweden. Although all of the engines offer adequate power for the boat, don’t expect the Tayana 37 to win any drag races.

How many Ta Yang 37 were built?

First called TA CHIAO 37. 40 were built as the TA YANG 37. The rights were sold to Ta Yang, the primary builder of this, one of most successful boats of this type, with nearly 600 built. Available as cutter or ketch.

What is a CT 37 ketch?

The boat, which was first known as the “CT 37”, was introduced in 1975 and offered as a semi-custom boat, with all manner of internal options and layouts. The rig was offered with options of cutter or ketch, however cutters were the fashion of the day and only 20 boats were built as ketches.