Are Moto wheels Good?

Are Moto wheels Good?

All of Moto Metal wheels are manufactured to be as light as possible and with the use of high-quality aluminum, alloy and magnesium metals, the wheels are more durable than OEM steel rims. The lightweight Moto Metal wheels are an excellent choice for desert racers who are victims of brake fatigue and warped rotors.

Where are Moto wheels made?

Known for their risky designs and pushing the limit, Moto Metal is not made for the shy. These wheels are made to be seen. Founded in 2002, and based out of Colorado. Moto Metal has grown into a huge name in the aftermarket wheel industry for trucks and SUVs.

What should I torque my aftermarket wheels to?

New wheels should be re-torqued after the first 50 to 100 driving miles.

Hardware Bolt or Stud Size Typical Torque Range in Ft/Lbs Minimum Number of Turns of Hardware Engagement
14 x 1.25 mm 85 – 90 9
7/16 in. 70 – 80 9
1/2 in. 75 – 85 8
9/16 in. 135 – 145 8

What kind of rims does MOTO METAL make?

Moto Metal Wheels & Rims. Designed for lifted trucks and SUVs, Moto Metal custom rims feature everlasting durability and utmost precision. The company aims to create a wheel that offers the most precise fit, which is why each wheel is computer-calibrated for the bolt-pattern and other specifications.

Why choose MOTO METAL offroad wheels?

Moto Metal offroad wheels are built with advanced manufacturing methods to satisfy the enthusiast. Cast or forged from refined alloy, Moto Metal aftermarket rims combine crisp styling with refined construction to ensure solid handling and a satisfying look on robust offroad vehicles.


Moto Metal is marketed by Wheel Pros, Moto Metal shares over 150 years of combined experience with such nameplates as American Racing, Diamo, Helo, KMC and XD Series Wheels. Moto Metal custom wheels are ready to conquer the wilderness with you and your vehicle.

What kind of wheels does the Moto 970 Euro van have?

MO970 EURO VAN Satin Black with Milled Trim Wheels by MOTO METALĀ®. Drive in style with first-class wheels by Moto Metal. Designed with exquisite craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind details to deliver both style and power, they are the most…