Are elephant seals rare?

Are elephant seals rare?

Today, the northern elephant seal population has rebounded to approximately the size it was before hunting. It’s estimated that there are 150,000 individuals, with 124,000 in California waters.

Are elephant seal in danger of becoming extinct?

Least Concern (Population increasing)

Can an elephant seal kill a human?

They dive to an average of 1,300 to 2,100 feet and sometimes to 3,000 feet, nearly twice as deep as any other seal species. The pressure, 90 times greater than at the surface, would kill humans.

What would have happened to the bodies on Titanic?

Bodies in the North Atlantic Most people went down with the ship. But several hundred were either buried at sea or brought back, claimed by relatives, or buried in Halifax.

Why do elephant seals stink?

Between the molting, the bodily waste, and the decomposing bodies of seals that didn’t survive, one can guess why the colony smells so bad.

Can you dive down to the Titanic?

No, you cannot scuba dive to the Titanic. The Titanic lies in 12,500 feet of ice cold Atlantic ocean and the maximum depth a human can scuba dive is between 400 to 1000 feet because of water pressure.

Will elephant seals attack humans?

Now the aggressor in the Russian River is an elephant seal who will stand up to other animals and even humans. “Bottom line is, he’s very dangerous,” said Allen. “You wouldn’t want to get bitten by one. They have huge incisors, and even a warning nip can break a human bone.”

Do elephant seals eat sharks?

Elephant seals are top predators — of fish and squid. But they in turn are prey to even bigger predators: great white sharks and orcas. Many seals at Piedras Blancas show the scars of their encounters with critters big enough to eat them. Smaller sharks also prey on seals, but not fatally.

What is the main idea of the movie Titanic?

The central story of the film is their forbidden love. Around this cross-class romance is a contemporary story in which there is a salvage operation. An ambitious fortune hunter, played by Bill Paxton, plumbs the depths for the treasures of the stately ship Titanic and uncovers the secrets of their profound love.

Do Elephant seals have predators?

Large southern elephant seals have few predators, but killer whales, leopard seals, and some large sharks are known to feed on this species.

Are elephant seals in danger of becoming extinct today?

Today, there are somewhere between 000 elephant seals — a number likely close to their historic population. They have long since been removed from the endangered species list, though they are still protected in the U.S. by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Thankfully, they are a thriving species once again.

Can you pet an elephant seal?

Seals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It is against the law to touch, feed or otherwise harass seals. Harassment occurs whenever your behavior changes their behavior. The rule is to keep at least 50 yards, four car lengths, away — to give them their space.

How cold was the water in the Titanic?

The ocean waters were 28 degrees, below the freezing point but not frozen because of the water’s salt content.