Are Cicar any good?

Are Cicar any good?

This Canary Islands car provider is one of the top-rated car rental companies in our survey. Which? verdict: Cicar (Canary Islands Car) gained a customer score of 91%. Customers rave about its all-inclusive prices, yet it’s still one of the cheapest car hire companies.

Who are Cicar?

Your car hire company in the Canary Islands Canary Islands Car (CICAR) offers you the widest network of vehicle hire in the Canary Islands. The group has a fleet of over 12000 vehicles and creates over 1100 direct jobs.

How do I cancel my Cicar reservation?

There is no extra charge to cancel or modify the booking. You can do it on-line, log in as a registered client; by email or by phone. We inform you that the child-seat and booster-seat are free of charge. The child-seat is for babies from 0kg to 18kg and it is on the back seat forward facing/rearward facing.

Are Cicar and Cabrera Medina the same company?

Whilst comparing companies, we noticed that the Cicar and Cabrera Medina websites were very similar. Are they the same company? yes they are the same co.

What documents do I need to hire a car in Tenerife?

Just need your passport and plastic driving licence. No rip off extra insurance forced on you, NO requirement to block a silly excess on a credit card. You can pay with a debit card too.

Can you drive in Tenerife with a UK licence?

BREXIT UPDATE NOTE: UK Driving Licence holders can continue to use their licence to drive in Spain (in a rental vehicle or in their own vehicle) for up to 6 months per year. Many locals also use their vehicle’s indicators sparingly or incorrectly, leaving other road users constantly guessing. …

How long does it take to drive around Tenerife Island?

around 3-4 hours
And travelling by car is the quickest and easiest way to see the beauty of the island. With a road perimeter of 359 km, you can easily drive around the whole island in around 3-4 hours.

Which is the coldest month in Tenerife?

Despite January being the coldest and wettest month of the year in Tenerife, it is still a good month to visit the island if you are looking for winter sun.

Is CICAR a good car rental company?

CICAR are a reputable company that have been around for many years in the Canaries. They generally have competetive rates. I really don’t know if they require deposit or CC, as most car hire companies do. Have a look at their website, it is in English and should give you the information you are looking for. 2. Re: Cicar car rental

Why hire from CICAR Fuerteventura?

It was great to visit fuerteventura again after almost 2 years due to COVID travel restrictions. Cicar did not disappoint with a competitive hire rate, excellent customer service and a low mileage car. They even could help when I asked for an automatic one.

Why rent a car in Tenerife?

One of the best car rental experiences ever (and by far the best on Tenerife). Fast and friendly service when picking-up and returning the car, recent car in excellent condition, good price and no hidden charges or extra’s (only a small deposit for the fuel which was completely refunded after returning the car with the same fuel level).

Why rent a Fiat 500 from CICAR?

Lovely little Fiat 500, I enjoyed driving it on the beautiful roads of Lanzarote. All the best about Cicar rent a car company. Have used this company many many times… Have used this company many many times and always a good service up until our last booking.