Why Teo Heng KTV?

Why Teo Heng KTV?

Teo Heng KTV is committed to provide the very budget platform for all karaoke lovers to enjoy the highest quality karaoke system. Our No Alchohol, No Smoking, No Frills policies are to promote healthy and green karaoke culture among every generation. WHY PAY MORE? GO GREEN KARAOKE is the latest trend in Singapore!

Can You recreate ‘Teo Heng’ experience at home?

And while we patiently await the reopening of our beloved KTV studios, you can now recreate your very own “Teo Heng” experience at home with karaoke sets and mic sterilisers from their home band, WASUKA. Everything else you’ll need to complete a set up to impress is available for sale on their website.

How much does it cost to make KTV?

For the bare minimum to create KTV feels, you can get just a microphone from $35 on Shopee. Also check out our guide on how to have a pseudo KTV experience at home, complete with apps and online resources. Some of us prefer to belt our hearts out to Adele’s melodious tracks, while others prefer to flex our rapping skills with a dose of Eminem.