Why is it add 9 and not add 2?

Why is it add 9 and not add 2?

C-E-G-D is Cadd9, because it’s a C chord (C-E-G) with a 9th added, that is, the note one octave up from the 2nd. The same principle applies to Cadd4. The order being C-D-E-G it’s called C add 2,;had it been C-E-G-D it’d be C add 9.

What does ADD4 mean in piano?

A suspended 4th chord differs from a major or minor chord in that its third has been removed and replaced by a perfect fourth. If the third and fourth are both present, the chord is an add4: AADD4: A ā€“ Cā™Æ ā€“ D ā€“ E.

Is Cadd2 the same as Cadd9?

Explanation: The Cadd9 and Cadd2 are four-note chords. Theory: Both chords contain the same notes, but the added notes belong to different octaves which are the ninth and the second notes in the scale.

What are add9 chords?

As the label indicates, add9 chords are major chords with an added 9th degree note. They are four note chords, as opposed to the original 9 chord, which is a five note chord. An add9 has the notes 1-3-5-9, while the 9-chord has 1-3-5-b7-9.

What is an F major add 9 chord?

The add9 is a sweet sounding chord, while the 9-chord is dissonant and needs to be resolved. Here are 6 voicings of the Fadd9 guitar chord, with a chord chart to each voicings’ fingering. These F Major Add 9 guitar chord variations can be interchanged freely.

What is the difference between add and Sus chords?

Since add and sus chords can be close related, and in fact be identical in some occasions, are chord names sometimes written as sus (add9). The relationship between suspended and added tone chords are closed. We can compare Cadd2, Cadd9, Csus2 and Csus4.

What is the difference between a C9 and an add9?

You must separate this chord from the Dominant ninths that are written like C9. The difference is that a dominant 9th is made by expanding a seventh chord with the ninth, like C, E, G, Bb and D forms a C9. In an add9 chord the seventh is missing and the ninth is added to a triad.