Why did Tyler suffocate Liv?

Why did Tyler suffocate Liv?

In the season 6 finale, Liv was killed by Tyler with her permission and request so that he could trigger his werewolf gene in order to heal his wounds caused by Kai. Liv was a member of the Parker Family, and also a member of the Gemini Coven.

Do Tyler and Liv sleep together?

They slept together in Prayer For the Dying, as they were both seen in bed together. In Prayer For the Dying, Joshua Parker tries to force Liv and Luke to merge but he stopped by Tyler and hence, saving them.

Who does Tyler end up with in Vampire Diaries?

Tyler eventually falls in love with Caroline, but when Jules, another werewolf, comes to town and tells Tyler that Caroline and two other vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, are responsible for his uncle’s death, Tyler feels betrayed.

Is Jeremy cheating on Bonnie?

Dated, Sexual, Close Bond; They were in love with each other, Jeremy was Bonnie’s first love; Distant Friends, Former Allies; Cared about each other, Bonnie sacrificed her life for Jeremy and his sister, Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with his deceased former girlfriend (who was a ghost at the time) and caused their first …

Who killed Tyler Lockwood?

Damon Killed Tyler Lockwood On ‘The Vampire Diaries’ & Fans Are Devastated. Last week many fans feared that Damon had crossed a line he could never uncross, and now after Friday night’s episode “An Eternity of Misery,” the worst has been confirmed.

When did Steven Tyler find out Liv was his daughter?

When did Steven Tyler find out Liv was his daughter? Liv Tyler was 11 years old in August 1988 when she looked up at a poster of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on her bedroom wall and came to a realization that would rock her entire existence.

Does Tyler fall in love with Caroline?

Exes, Sexual, Were in love, Former tension due to Caroline’s involvement with Klaus after their break up; Distant/Good Friends, Former Allies; Cared about each other, Were protective of each other, Tyler was the love of Caroline’s life.

How did Tyler survive being a hybrid?

Elena and friends found a loophole to this little dilemma when John Gilbert sacrificed his life for Elena’s. Tyler was able to survive because he was given doppelganger blood in addition to Klaus’.

Does Vicki date Jeremy?

Sexual, Dated; They had romantic feelings for each other, Jeremy loved Vicki, Vicki didn’t want to be tied down by Jeremy; Former Friends, Former Allies; Jeremy silenced Vicki out when she tried contacting him as a ghost (This effectively ended their relationship, permanently).

Who does Bonnie marry?

Plec said she started shipping Bonnie and Matt after she saved his life in season 3 episode 5, “The Reckoning.” “I shipped Bonnie and Matt from that day,” she said. “And in my head, the end of the series would be a flash-forward that Bonnie and Matt had gotten together and had a family.”

Why Damon kills Tyler Lockwood?

To prove that he had his humanity switched off and there was no saving him, Damon killed Tyler, just as Tyler returned to town. There was hope that he would be saved, but it was soon clear that it was too late.

Why did Tyler break up with Liv in let her go?

In The Day I Tried To Live, Tyler breaks up with Liv after she chooses death over him. In Let Her Go, Tyler is shown to be drinking away the pain of leaving her; as he really did love Liv and she loved him but Tyler broke up with her for Liv trying to get vengeance for her brother Luke by trying to kill Kai which would kill her.

What is the relationship between Tyler Lockwood and Olivia Parker?

The relationship between the werewolf , Tyler Lockwood and the witch, Olivia Parker. Liv was the witch who cast the spell brought Tyler (among others) back from the Other Side after he was killed by the Travelers. As of Season Six, they both attend Whitmore College and are classmates in Alaric’s Occult Studies class.

What happened to Tyler Perry?

By George Stark For Dailymail.com Tyler Perry has been involved in car crash minutes after leaving Burbank airport in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday night. The 52-year-old film director got into a T-bone smash while driving home via Sherman Oaks in his Bentley SUV when the accident took place.

Why did Tyler kill Liv on the Vampire Diaries?

In the season 6 finale Tyler mercy-killed Liv with her permission after Kai showed up to kill Jo then committed suicide to become a Heretic since the life of the coven leader was tied to all of the members. Years later, Tyler is killed by Damon Salvatore.