Why did they burn TIGS daughter?

Why did they burn TIGS daughter?

Season 5. Dawn is kidnapped by Oakland detective Goodman and burned to death right in front of Tig by Damon Pope in retaliation for the murder of his daughter.

What episode does Tig’s daughter get burned?

Season 5, Episode 1 Tig was reckless when his vendetta against Laroy got Pope’s daughter (a bystander) killed; Pope thought it best to even the scales by chaining Tig to the ground and forcing him to watch his troubled junkie daughter, Dawn, burn. One would think it couldn’t get worse than that – but SoA found a way.

Is Tig from SoA a necrophiliac?

He suffers from acute pediophobia, a fear of dolls, which Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter actually has. In the Season One episode “Old Bones”, he explicitly says that he is a necrophiliac, and describes to Clay what he likes about it, while at the morgue.

Do they kill TIGS daughter?

The repercussions of his actions were quickly addressed in the season five premiere in a harrowing scene in which Pope burned Tig’s daughter alive — as Tig watched on.

What happened to Otto’s eye?

In August, 1999, he stabbed an informant, resulting in an additional two years. In December, 2001, he tried to broker a deal with GN that went south and he got his left eye slashed.

Does Pope get Tig?

He quickly shoots Pope’s guy watching him, then he runs into the garage and takes out the two men with Pope. Tig sees what’s happening and knocks Pope off his feet so he drops his gun, Jax makes it to Pope before he can get to his gun. Jax unties Tig and hands him the gun.

Who kills Damon Pope?

When they head into the garage, Jax takes a gun and kills Pope’s men. Jax lets Tig kill Pope. Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt is sent to the site of the homicide and finds Pope dead. Jax (creepily) calls him and directs him to Clay’s gun, which was planted at the scene.

Does Jax give up Tig?

It’s fair to say that Tig made a mistake in accidentally killing Damon Pope’s daughter. Even after they kill Pope, August Marks, who is Pope’s successor, still tells Jax they need to kill Tig. Jax doesn’t hesitate to give up Tig. Luckily, Tig is not executed by August, as they made some sort of deal.

What happens to Tig after his daughter dies?

In a sort of biblical “eye for an eye, daughter for a daughter” moment, Pope burns Tig’s daughter alive while a restrained Tig is forced to watch. The camera does not cut away from Dawn’s burning, flailing corpse.