Why did Johnny stab Bob?

Why did Johnny stab Bob?

He was trying to drown Ponyboy with some of the other Socs in front of Johnny. Johnny became scared and didn’t know what to do; he drew his switchblade and stabbed Bob, slicing his throat, causing blood to spill from his mouth and neck.

What did ponyboy learn at the end of the book?

At the end of the novel, Ponyboy learns that he was acting selfishly by not attempting to gain perspective into the lives of his brothers. He gains perspective into Sodapop’s issues and becomes appreciative of Darry for his sacrifices.

Why does Johnny like it better when his?

Why does Johnny like it better when his father is hitting him? Johnny likes it better when his father is hitting him because his father knows hes there and isn’t pretending that he isn’t. when johnny leaves its like he doesn’t even exsist in his family and he feels left out, forgotten, outcasted.

What lesson does the outsiders teach?

An example of a lesson Ponyboy learned is that people can’t be labeled. He realizes that just as he does not like being judged for being a greaser, he should not judge Socs. When Pony meets Cherry, his attitude toward Scos changes. His preconceptions are tested.

Why are the SOCS so hard to please?

According to Cherry, why are Socs so hard to please? They already have more than they could ever want. Why does Two-Bit slap Ponyboy against the side of the head? Ponyboy says something mean to Johnny.

Who does Cherry say she could fall in love with?

Dallas Winston

What is the theme of the outsider?

The Most Prominent Theme of The Outsiders. The main theme of The Outsiders is self-identity vs. group identity. There is evidence for this theme in the title itself, as the Outsiders form their own group (the greasers) because they feel they’re on the outside of society.

What is the conflict between greasers and SOCS?

The conflict between the greasers and the Socs is that they are rival gangs that are constantly fighting each other. As with most rivalries, there is always an old grievance to nurse. The greasers are the working class kids and the Socs are the wealthy kids.

What problems do SOCS have?

While their problems are not money-related like those of the Greasers, the Socs crave limits and boundaries which are completely missing from their lives. As unproblematic as it sounds, their biggest problem is that they are never told what they may or may not do.

What did ponyboy learn about Darry?

Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care about him; Darry is strict because he loves Ponyboy and wants him to succeed. Ponyboy runs across the room and embraces his brother, thinking that everything will be fine once he gets home.

What does Darry Love in the outsiders?

Darry gives up the possibility of going to college and playing football so that he can take a job as a menial laborer and provide for their family. Despite his hard-working nature and ability to differentiate right from wrong, Darry also loves fighting, and is proud to use his strong body to defend the other greasers.

Why do you think ponyboy lies to himself?

Ponyboy says (thinks) that line to himself at the end of chapter one. Ponyboy is trying to convince himself that Darry doesn’t care for him or love him, because of how hard Darry is on Ponyboy. Despite all of the attempts, Ponyboy knows that he is lying to himself about Darry.

Who do ponyboy and Johnny go to for help?

Dally Winston for help

Why does ponyboy say the SOCS and greasers are separated?

Ponyboy has always thought it was money. The Socs are rich, spoiled kids that wear expensive clothes and get to drive daddy’s car. The Greasers are poor thugs from broken homes and struggling to feed themselves half the time. That’s why Ponyboy thinks the groups are different.

How do we know Sandy didn’t love soda as much as he loved her?

She returns his letters unopened, which sparks Soda to run out of the house after an argument between Darry and Ponyboy. Darry says, “He told me he loved her, but I guess she didn’t love him like he thought she did.” Sandy and Soda had been a couple for awhile when she got pregnant and went to Florida to have her baby.

What motivates Darry?

What motivates Darry to be so strict with Ponyboy? He wants him to behave so they won’t be separated by the state.