Why did Janah leave The Block NZ?

Why did Janah leave The Block NZ?

Janah reveals why she quit There was no fight or disagreement between Rachel and I – it was because of my flourishing construction and interior-design business booming after Covid. “Also, I was surprised at how much I missed my little ones last year – and that was only for two weeks!

Are Chris and Jenna from the block still together?

Chris and Jenna: Still together The couple welcomed their first child together in June 2015 and according to their joint Instagram page bio, they are “Christians.

Which team won The Block NZ 2021?

Team Blue
Tim Cotton and Arthur Gillies – AKA Team Blue – have won The Block NZ 2021 and pocketed a staggering $760,000 in winnings as their property sold for a record-smashing sum.

Are Tim and arty together?

Team Blue are best friends Tim and Arthur, who met when they played rugby together at age 10 and have been mates ever since. Born and bred in the City of Sails, teacher aide and videographer Tim, and accounts manager and musician Arthur now flat together in central Auckland.

What happened to purple team on Block NZ?

It’s been a messy week on The Block NZ after two teams were disqualified from the $7,000 cash prize in Do-Over Week. As Block rules prevent contestants from using money outside their allocated budgets, Rach’s mistake resulted in Team Purple disqualifications, handing their chance to win over to Meg & Dan.

Why did Connie join the block?

Connie (40) and Rach (42) No stranger to a building site, Connie joined Rach in week three, to make up the new post lockdown Team Purple, after Janah was unable to return. Having met Rach in the Army 11 years ago, Connie is ready to put her Army discipline and knowledge to work!

Is Tess and Luke pregnant?

Tess and Luke Struber are having a baby! The couple from Cairns, who won The Block 2019, first confirmed their exciting news in Stellar magazine, which was accompanied with a glamorous photoshoot.

Did Sarah and George from The Block have a baby?

Well our dream has become a reality. We are so excited to share with you all that we are going to be parents to a beautiful baby boy in February. When they announced their pregnancy they revealed they are having a boy.

Who won Bathroom week on The Block NZ 2021?

With an impressive score of 18.5/20, Amy and Stu bagged the room reveal win. Revelations of their tradies being on site after hours put Team Black’s win in doubt, but the Gizzy pair were cleared of any wrongdoing and got to pocket the $7,000 prize.

How old is Tim and arty?

Hitting our screens soon are two best mates born and bred in Auckland, 26-year-olds Tim Cotton and Arthur Gillies, who met when they played rugby aged 10.

What is the first season of the Block NZ?

The Block NZ is a New Zealand reality show based on the popular Australian reality television series The Block. The first season premiered on Three on 4 July 2012. The show is hosted by former Black Cap Mark Richardson and Shelley Ferguson, [1] while Peter Wolfkamp serves as site foreman.

Who is on the Block NZ?

The Block NZ: With Mark Richardson, Peter Wolfkamp, Shelley Ferguson, Shannon Ryan. Four New Zealand couples compete to see who can renovate a property that will make the biggest profit at auction.

Is the Block NZ on TV3?

The Block NZ is an upcoming New Zealand reality show based on the popular Australian TV series, The Block that will premiere on July 4, 2012 on TV3.

Which the Block NZ contestants return to Point Chevalier?

The Block NZ Contestants Tim Cotton and Arthur Gillies, Megan and Dan Leen, Dylan Crawford and younger brother Keegan and Janah Kingi and Rach Martin. The Block NZ is back — but have all the contestants who started building last year returned to Point Chevalier?