Why did Chris Costa leave magpul?

Why did Chris Costa leave magpul?

He explains that with the completion of the training DVD series and Magpul Dynamics increased focus on military training in the Airborne Operations and Precision Rifle arena, “now is a logical time for Chris to branch out with his own company and pursue other projects in the industry.

Who is Chris Costa?

Christopher P. Costa is the executive director of the International Spy Museum and a 34-year veteran of the Department of Defense. He served 25 years in counterintelligence, human intelligence and with special operations forces (SOF) in the United States Army, in Central America, Europe, and throughout the Middle East.

Who is Travis Haley?

Travis Haley is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years of dedicated real world experience including: multiple combat tours in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. After leaving the military, Mr. Haley served as a special operations and security contractor before founding SDI Tactical Inc.

Where is Haley Strategic located?

Haley Strategic Partners is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ and has 1 office location across 1 country.

Who started Magpul Dynamics?

Richard M. Fitzpatrick
Magpul Industries was founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, a Force Recon sergeant with the US Marine Corps. The company has two divisions: Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and Magpul Core which was founded in 2008 as Magpul Dynamics.

Is Chris Costa married?

Chris is married to his wife Ashley, and the hairiest member of their family: Kai (their dog).

Where did Chris Costa go?

Chris Costa has returned to Maine and is once again part of the News Center Maine team.

Who is Garand thumb dad?

Travis Haley
Enjoy! Bio: I was definitely born like a normal human being and not grown by my father, Travis Haley, in a vat under his house.

What rank was Travis Haley?

Celebrity firearms trainer Travis Haley, who served in Iraq with 2nd Force Reconnaissance Battalion and returned to the country as a Blackwater contractor protecting ambassador Paul Bremer, recently released a riveting first-hand account of a battle in Najaf that occurred ten years ago today.

How fast does Haley Strategic ship?

Shipping Carrier HALEY STRATEGIC ships packages via the United States Postal Service. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail, which averages 3-5 day delivery to most locations inside the continental United States.

Is Haley Strategic Made in USA?

Where are your products made? / Our tactical soft goods and hard goods are sourced and made here in the United States for Berry Amendment Compliance.

Does the US military use magpul?

The US military has been using PMAGS for years. The metal rifle mags in circulation are still serviceable and reliable, so there is no reason to not use them. In fact, there are some weapon systems that the metal magazines are actually more reliable then the polymer mags, and therefore used exclusively for that reason.