Who wrote the Trololo song?

Who wrote the Trololo song?

Arkady Ostrovsky
Trololo Song/Composers

Where is the Trololo guy now?

Internet Sensation, The Trololo Man, Dies : The Two-Way : NPR. Internet Sensation, The Trololo Man, Dies : The Two-Way Russian crooner Eduard Khil died in St. Petersburg this week from complications from a stroke. Khil burst onto the world scene when one of his older music clips was uploaded to the internet.

Is Mr Trololo alive?

Deceased (1934–2012)
Eduard Khil/Living or Deceased

Who sang Trololo in the Soviet Union?

Eduard Khil; sang ‘trololo’ for lyrics Soviets censored. The music was written by well-known Soviet composer Arkady Ostrovsky, but the original lyrics were about a cowboy riding across a prairie while his sweetheart knitted stockings for him, a sentimental view of America that did not sit well with Soviet censors during the Cold War.

Why do people call Khil’Mr Trololo’?

A 1976 performance, with Khil badly lip-synching against a mustard backdrop, was uploaded as “Mr Trololo”, as this was what some of the singing sounded like, and became associated with “trolling” – winding someone up on the internet.

Who was Eduard Khil?

PETERSBURG — Eduard Khil was a beloved Soviet crooner who won sudden international stardom two years ago when a 1976 video of him singing ‘‘trololo’’ instead of the song’s censored words became a global Internet hit over three decades later. Mr. Khil, best known as Mr. Trololo, died Monday at age 77.

Who was Mr Trololo and why is he famous?

To date the original Mr Trololo video has received over 26 million views on YouTube and sparked a host of parodies. Khil lived long enough to discover his new-found internet fame when he heard his grandson humming the song. His YouTube success brought him a legion of new fans and he spent much of his final years opening emails from them.