Who wrote my best friend Jefferson Airplane?

Who wrote my best friend Jefferson Airplane?

Skip Spence
My Best Friend/Lyricists

Was Grace Slick the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane?

The lead singer for Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship, Slick left her mark on ’60s and ’70s music history. She’s hailed alongside rockstars Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, and Janis Joplin as one of the most prolific female musicians of her time.

What was Jefferson Airplane biggest hit?

Somebody To Love
One cant compose a top 10 Jefferson Airplane songs list without including their biggest hit “Somebody To Love.” The song was released on the band’s sophomore album entitled Surrealistic Pillow. The band’s second album was released in 1967.

Where did the name Jefferson Airplane come from?

The six-piece band was completed by bass player Bob Harvey and drummer Jerry Peloquin. Their unusual name was suggested by Kaukonen, who had once jokingly been dubbed “Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane” by a friend in reference to the blues singer Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Is Jefferson Airplane still alive?

Several members have since died – Papa John Creach on February 22, 1994, Skip Spence on April 16, 1999, Spencer Dryden on January 11, 2005, Joey Covington on June 4, 2013, Signe Toly Anderson and Paul Kantner on January 28, 2016, and Marty Balin on September 27, 2018.

What was Jefferson Airplane’s first hit?

Blues from an Airplane
Jefferson Airplane Takes Off is the debut studio album by the American rock band Jefferson Airplane, released in August 1966 as RCA Victor LSP-3584 (stereo) and LPM-3584 (mono)….Track listing.

No. 1.
Title “Blues from an Airplane”
Writer(s) Marty Balin, Skip Spence
Length 2:10

What year did Jefferson Airplane break up?

After 1972, Jefferson Airplane effectively split into two groups. Kaukonen and Casady moved on full-time to their own band, Hot Tuna. Slick, Kantner, and the remaining members of Jefferson Airplane recruited new members and regrouped as Jefferson Starship in 1974, with Marty Balin eventually joining them.