Who won the Oscar for best movie in 2011?

Who won the Oscar for best movie in 2011?

The King’s Speech
The King’s Speech won four awards, including Best Picture.

What movies were up for best picture in 2011?

Best Picture

  • The King’s Speech. Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers.
  • Black Swan. Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver and Scott Franklin, Producers.
  • The Fighter. David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Mark Wahlberg, Producers.
  • Inception.
  • The Kids Are All Right.
  • 127 Hours.
  • The Social Network.
  • Toy Story 3.

What songwriter has won the most Oscars?

Alfred Newman
Who are the composers who won the most statuettes? The number one is, of course, Alfred Newman. The American composer, passed away in 1970, won 9 statuettes, the third highest number of Oscars ever won by an individual (Walt Disney won twenty-six, Cedric Gibbons won eleven).

Why did Jim Rash win an Oscar?

He is best known for playing Dean Pelton on the NBC sitcom “Community”. In 2012, he received a Golden Globe nomination and won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the film The Descendants (2011).

Who was nominated for best actor in 2011?

Best Actor

  • Javier Bardem, Biutiful.
  • Jeff Bridges, True Grit.
  • Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network.
  • WINNERColin Firth, The King’s Speech.
  • James Franco, 127 Hours.

Did the artist win best picture?

The Artist, French black-and-white film, released in 2011, that was an homage to movies of the 1920s and became the first mostly silent feature to win the Academy Award for best picture since the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929.

What movies were nominated for best picture in 2009?

Best Picture

  • Slumdog Millionaire. Christian Colson, Producer.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  • Frost/Nixon. Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Eric Fellner, Producers.
  • Milk. Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, Producers.
  • The Reader.

Who has won 3 Oscars for music?

Max Steiner
Max Steiner. This Austrian-born American composer is well known for his extraordinary work in film during the early ’30s and ’40s – and he was recognised with three Oscars (although he was nominated for an impressive 24).

Who was the first female composer to win an Oscar?

Awards and honours Later, Portman became the first female composer to win an Academy Award in the category of Best Musical or Comedy Score (for Emma in 1996). Portman was also nominated for Academy Awards for her scores for The Cider House Rules in 1999 and Chocolat in 2000.

Is Jim a Rashgay?

Yes, he is openly gay. Jim turned the rumor into reality on his Instagram page when he confessed to being gay during the National Coming Out Day. He said that coming out as gay was one of the most frustrating and exhilarating experiences of his life, but it also made him accessible and poignant.

What happened at the 2011 Oscars?

2011: The 83rd Academy Awards Rewind 10 years and “The King’s Speech” ruled the night, taking home the Oscar for best picture as well best actor in a leading role for Colin Firth, best director for Tom Hooper and best original screenplay.

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