Who was the half zombie in The Walking Dead?

Who was the half zombie in The Walking Dead?

Beta, as he appears in the comic book series (left) and as portrayed by Ryan Hurst in the television series (right). Beta is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where he was portrayed by Ryan Hurst.

Why are there no zombies in The Walking Dead?

“I started the book not really using [the term ‘zombie’]. I was dancing around it mostly. I think Glenn says it a couple times but those were mostly slip-ups.

Who was the crawling Walker?

Hannah crawling as a walker has been interpreted by many as a symbolic moment; it is believed she was searching for her children, evidenced by the fact she was crawling to and was eventually found in what appeared to be a park, potentially the same park the evacuation to Atlanta took place in.

What is wrong with betas face?

In the episode, streaming now on the AMC website, Beta has a confrontation with Gamma (Thora Birch) that leads to his mask getting torn and part of his face becoming visible. One of the Whisperers recognizes him, saying, “Your voice sounded familiar, but…,” only for Beta to kill him to keep his secret.

Why did they call walkers geeks?

In the TV Series, Daryl Dixon, Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas, Shane Walsh, and Glenn Rhee have been known to call zombies “geeks.” This name is also used by Molly from the Video Game. She says she calls them geeks because, just like carnival geeks, they will eat anything. This name is not used in the Comic Series.

Is everyone in The Walking Dead infected?

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! And both The Walking Dead comic and TV show made sure those rules were established early on. In the comics, it’s The Governor who reveals to Rick and Michonne that everyone is “infected” and will return as zombies after death.

Do zombies die in the Walking Dead?

~ Negan to The Saviors about the zombies in Issue 122. Zombies, also more commonly known as Walkers, are the titular central antagonists of The Walking Dead franchise. While not necessarily immortal, reanimated human beings will not “die” under typical conditions that would ordinarily cause the death of a living person.

What’s wrong with the Walking Dead?

One of the main issues with the Walking Dead is how getting bitten by a zombie can turn someone into a zombie, but covering one’s self in the guts and bodily fluids of zombies doesn’t. Surely this ought to have the same effect.

What makes no sense about zombie logic in the Walking Dead?

This article will list 10 things that make no sense about Zombie logic in the Walking Dead. One of the main aspects of the Walking Dead that has separated it from other zombie properties is its creative decision to make the zombies appear more and more decomposed as the series progressed, showing that the zombies are actually dead.

What are the Walking Dead Infection rules?

The Walking Dead’s Infection Rules Known as the father of the zombie movie genre, George A. Romero set out the initial logic for a zombie virus, and this time-honored tradition is mostly followed by The Walking Dead. Zombies are slow and shuffling, only stopping their hunger for flesh when the head is destroyed.