Who was Nicole Youngs first husband?

Who was Nicole Youngs first husband?

Sedale Threatt
First known as the ex-wife of retired NBA player Sedale Threatt, Nicole Young then became more well recognized as the wife of Dr. Dre. She was married to Sedale for three years. Before her marriage to Dr Dre, she worked as an attorney.

What race is Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole?

Nicole, whose full name is Nicole Kendra Plotzker, was born in 1970. There is scanty information about her early life. Nicole Young race is mixed, as her parents are white and of Afro-American descent.

Who was Dr. Dre first wife?

Nicole Young
One of Hollywood’s messiest divorces also will mark one of the industry’s most costly. Dr. Dre and ex-wife Nicole Young reached a massive divorce settlement Tuesday that will see Young walk away from their 24-year marriage with $100 million.

Who is Sedale Threatt wife?

Britt Johnson
Sedale Threatt/Wife
Threatt is thought to have fathered at least fourteen children, and been married twice. He married his first wife, Nicole Plotzker, in 1992. She later left him for Dr. Dre; his second marriage was to Britt Johnson.

Is Dr Dre’s wife white?

Dr Dre wife ethnic background is Afro-American. Her parents were from Africa, but she was brought up in a small hometown in the United States.

How much does Dre pay his ex-wife?

Dr. Dre has reached a settlement that will see him pay $100 million to his ex-wife Nicole Young to end a messy 18-month divorce battle, a source close to Dr. Dre’s legal team tells Billboard. TMZ was first to report the news.

Is Sedale Threatt married?

Sedale Threatt/Spouse

Is Dr. Dre’s wife white?

Why does Dr Dre not help his daughter?

Dre’s daughter LaTanya Young has launched a GoFundMe campaign as she fights homelessness. Dr. Dre could easily send his daughter a few million dollars to get her into a safe home with her four children, but he’s allegedly ghosting her, forcing her to create a $50,000 crowd-funding campaign to fight homelessness.

How old is Sedale Threatt?

60 years (September 10, 1961)
Sedale Threatt/Age