Who was Erma Bombeck?

Who was Erma Bombeck?

Hardcover Paperback Kindle Erma Bombeck was an American author who garnered a reputation for writing humorous articles that chronicled her exploits as a housewife and mother. While she eventually transitioned to book writing, it was for her columns that the author was best known.

What is the Order of the Erma Bombeck books?

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books Erma Bombeck, Her Funniest Moments From (1977) If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I (1979) Aunt Erma’s Cope Book – How to Get From (1979) Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your (1979) The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Sep (1981)

Is at wit’s end by Erma Bombeck worth reading?

The book tells funny stories about family life. Because ‘At Wit’s End’ was published in 1965, some of the humor and the stories will sound dated to some people. Erma Bombeck wrote and published thousands of newspaper columns over her lengthy career. ‘Forever, Erma’ is an anthology featuring some of her best works.

How did Erma Sheldrake die?

Besides her literary success, her articles and columns and the books she eventually wrote, Erma was an enthusiastic activist who frequently advocated for Equality for Women. Her death came in 1996, the result of a kidney disease with which she was diagnosed when she was 20.