Who was Bing Crosby playing golf with when he died?

Who was Bing Crosby playing golf with when he died?

In this photo, Bing tees off on the La Moraleja golf course near Madrid, Spain, on the afternoon of Oct. 14, 1977. He finished 18 holes of golf — carding an 85 — and, with his partner, club president Cesar de Zulueta, defeating 2 Spanish golf pros, Manuel Pinero and Valentine Barrious.

Is there still a Bing Crosby golf tournament?

The tournament is usually held during the month of February on three different courses, currently Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, and Monterey Peninsula Country Club. The event was originally known as the Bing Crosby National Pro-Amateur, or just the Crosby Clambake.

What was the Bing Crosby golf tournament?

AT Pebble Beach Pro-Am
The tournament now known as the AT Pebble Beach Pro-Am started out in Rancho Sante Fe, California when Bing Crosby invited some friends to play golf, enjoy a clambake and a raise a little money for charity.

Where was the Bing Crosby golf tournament played?

Since he had a home in the area, and was involved with Del Mar race track, it was logical that the tournament be held in the San Diego area and Crosby selected Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club as the site for the event.

When did David Bowie and Bing Crosby record peace on earth?

11 September 1977
Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

“Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”
B-side “Fantastic Voyage” (Bowie)
Released 27 November 1982
Recorded 11 September 1977
Studio ATV Elstree Studios, Hertfordhire, England

How much does it cost to play in the Pebble Beach Pro Am?

The answer? Such an incredible experience, as you’d imagine, is not cheap. The green fee at Pebble Beach Golf Links is $575.

What is Bing Crosby famous for?

Harry Lillis ” Bing ” Crosby Jr. (May 3, 1903 – October 14, 1977) was an American singer and actor. The first multimedia star, he was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century worldwide. He was a leader in record sales, radio ratings, and motion picture grosses from 1926 to 1977.

How old was Bing Crosby when he died?

“From the Archives: Bing Crosby Dies at 73 on Golf Course”. Los Angeles Times. ^ Smith, Jim (October 19, 1977). “Memorial Rites Held for city favorite, Bing Crosby”. The Spokesman Review.

Did Sidney Crosby play golf with Jack ‘Machine Gun’ McGurn?

Crosby biographer J. Roger Osterholm said one of Crosby’s golf partners was Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn, an alleged gunman in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. “Crosby just loved golf; he didn’t care who he played with.

Did you know that Sidney Crosby is a professional golfer?

Crosby was also an avid golfer, and in 1978, he and Bob Hope were voted the Bob Jones Award, the highest honor given by the United States Golf Association in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship.