Who sends thugs after you in Skyrim?

Who sends thugs after you in Skyrim?

In addition to children and dogs, Paarthurnax may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn should they steal from the Greybeards.

Why do hired thugs come after me in Skyrim?

Hired Thugs are groups of three NPCs who may appear after you steal an item or kill another NPC (whether or not you get caught).

Who is madena Skyrim?

Madena is the court mage in Dawnstar. She can be found either outside Silus Vesuius’ house or in The White Hall. She sells apparel, scrolls, books (huge selection of spell tome), miscellaneous items (Soul Gems), and additionally buys weapons (staffs).

Who is Orgnar Skyrim?

Orgnar is a the owner of Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. He is a budding alchemist and can teach the player character how to create a basic healing potion.

Who is Modhna Skyrim?

Modhna is a Breton warrior and vampire living in Volkihar Keep. She is a low ranking member of Lord Harkon’s court and can usually be found feeding on a human cattle. If the player sided with the Dawnguard, she will be one of the Vampires outside the front gate during the quest Kindred Judgment. …

Is there a court wizard in Dawnstar?

Madena is a Breton mage and the court wizard of Jarl Skald of Dawnstar. She may be found inside The White Hall in Dawnstar.

Does Dawnstar have a court wizard?

Who owns the Sleeping Giant Inn?

Inhabitants. Delphine – owner of the inn; one of the last members of The Blades; main questline character.

What is Odar’s job in solitude?

And I’m a very, very good cook.” Odar is a Nord cook who works and lives in the Blue Palace in Solitude . “Everyone knows General Tullius wields the real power in Solitude. Elisif?

Who is Odar in the Blue Palace in solitude?

Odar is a Nord citizen who works as the cook at the Blue Palace in Solitude. While he is content to remain a cook, his humble profession allows him to overhear a great deal of rumors, including gossip about the public’s lack of faith in Jarl Elisif.

Can hired thugs swim in Skyrim?

PC 360 If hired thugs are around when a dragon attacks, they may become non-hostile and follow the Dragonborn. 360 PS3 If the thugs attack in Riverwood, they are apparently unable to swim and will just stand on the shore and get pushed by the current if led into the water.

What is a contract in Dark Souls?

As cruel a thought as that is, a contract is a contract for the Brotherhood. Once the boss of Anga’s Mill, Ennodius Papius now camps out at the top of the nearby hill. As one of the earlier contracts, he’s an easy kill: most weapons can take him out with one strike, and there are very rarely any witnesses to contend with.