Who sang the song Ikaw?

Who sang the song Ikaw?

Yeng Constantino

Can you sing Ikaw?

“Ikaw” (You) is a hit song written and recorded by Filipino singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, released as the lead single from her album All About Love….Ikaw (song)

Single by Yeng Constantino
Label Star Music
Songwriter(s) Yeng Constantino
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What genre is Ikaw by Yeng Constantino?


Is Yeng Constantino Chinese?

Josephine Eusebio Constantino-Asuncion (born December 4, 1988) is a Filipina pop rock singer-songwriter, occasional actress and host. She is referred to as the Philippines Pop Rock Royalty and is regarded as one of the biggest hitmakers in Philippine music industry.

When was Ikaw by Yeng released?


What kind of voice does Yeng Constantino?

She is an ambitious vocalist, and knows how to accomplish all that she envisions, one by one. Her vocal range is sweeping; her higher register is cogent and compact.

What is the vocal timbre of Yeng Constantino?

She has everything a vocalist would ever dream of: (1) a wide pitch range, (2) a sweet, breathy and velvety vocal tone (for her low to mid register), which can switch up to a lusty and dynamic timbre (for her high register); (3) perfect pitch—her runs are always on point and constantly carries a high degree of …

Who is Yeng Constantino’s husband?

Victor Asuncionm. 2015
Yeng Constantino/Husband

Is Yeng Constantino vegan?

Yeng Constantino It was late last year that our Pop-Rock Princess revealed that she and her husband Yan went on vegan diets. She regularly shares her journey through veganism on Instagram, and even shares food photos and tips to her fans who may want to try it out!