Who sang Diamonds Are Forever in the James Bond movie?

Who sang Diamonds Are Forever in the James Bond movie?

John Barry
Diamonds Are Forever/Artists

How many James Bond movies did Shirley Bassey sing for?

Welsh singer Shirley Bassey is the only singer to perform more than one Bond theme – she recorded the themes to Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker.

Who sang the theme to the Bond film Moonraker?

Shirley Bassey
Moonraker is the soundtrack for the eleventh James Bond film of the same name. Moonraker was the third of the three Bond films for which the theme song was performed by Shirley Bassey….Moonraker (soundtrack)

Soundtrack album by John Barry
Released 1979
Recorded April 1979
Length 30:54

Who sang the song Goldfinger?


When did Shirley Bassey sing Diamonds Are Forever?

When Shirley Bassey sang Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, she can have had little idea that her own career would demonstrate the same longevity.

Was Diamonds Are Forever written for James Bond?

Songfacts®: This was written by John Barry and Don Black, who worked on the music for many of the James Bond films. “A Diamond Is Forever” is the tagline used by the De Beers mining company to market diamonds, and Ian Fleming adapted it for his 1956 Bond novel Diamonds Are Forever.

Did Shirley Bassey fall in love with Neil Diamond?

Everybody thought that Shirley was very much in love with Neil but this is the story: Shirley invited her good friend Soraya Khashoggi to come over to the studio for the recording of the show. Her answer was: I was only in love with his diamond necklace” and Neil spend a lonely night in the BBC.

Who wrote the song Moonraker?

Moonraker is the theme song of the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker. It was composed by John Barry and Hal David and performed by Shirley Bassey, a Welsh singer who has performed more James Bond theme songs than any other, with three.

Who wrote the lyrics to Goldfinger?

Anthony Newley
Leslie Bricusse

What songs did Shirley Bassey sing in James Bond?

James Bond Theme Songs by Shirley Bassey “Goldfinger” from the film Goldfinger (1964) “Diamonds Are Forever” from the film Diamonds Are Forever (1971) “Moonraker” from the film Moonraker (1979) Goldfinger Performed Live. Bassey performing “Goldfinger” at the Classic BRIT Awards Show on May 12th, 2011.

What led Shirley Bassey to sing the Moonraker theme?

Guest writer Brendan Edwards looks at how a chance encounter with John Barry led Shirley Bassey to sing the theme for Moonraker. Shirley Bassey has a special place in the hearts of many James Bond fans.

Did Shirley Bassey sing Diamonds are Forever in Italian?

“Diamonds Are Forever”, the title song, was the second Bond theme to be performed by Shirley Bassey, after Goldfinger in 1964. The song was also recorded in Italian by Shirley Bassey as “Una Cascata di Diamanti (Vivo Di Diamanti)”, this version was only issued on 7-inch single in Italy and has not had a CD release.

Why is Shirley Bassey a DBE?

In 2000, Bassey was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) for services to the performing arts. In 1977 she received the Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist in the previous 25 years.