Who owns Thuy Nga?

Who owns Thuy Nga?

Marie Tô
In recent years, the rising popularity of K-pop and J-pop has applied creative pressure to Thúy Nga CEO Marie Tô, who responded by insisting on keeping with the Vietnamese style, commenting “Of course, K-pop is very big now…but we kind of want to create our own image.

Who is the founder of Paris by night?

Tô Van Lai
Paris by Night is a family-run Vietnamese-language variety show created in 1983 by founders Tô Van Lai and Thúy Nga, Vietnamese refugees who settled in Paris. The show created a cult following among the displaced Vietnamese community to connect with their homeland and culture in a post-Vietnam War era.

Is Paris by night a live singing?

“Paris By Night” is a frenetic mix of singing, dancing, comedy, and interviews. More recent iterations—the show will release its 117th installment on Saturday—reflect the changing demographics and times of the global community it caters to.

Who is the richest singer in Vietnam?

Singer Dam Vinh Hung
Singer Dam Vinh Hung owns a villa worth tens of million USD in District 10, a pent-house in District 7 and many other real estate projects. With towering remuneration and a lot of shows, Dam Vinh Hung’s yearly income is estimated at at least VND100 billion ($5 million).