Who owns Taylor cable?

Who owns Taylor cable?

PerTronix Performance Brands
PerTronix has acquired Taylor Cable Products. PerTronix Performance Brands has acquired Taylor Cable Products, the company announced. For over 90 years, Taylor Cable Products, located in Grandview, Missouri, has provided products to the performance and racing markets.

How long do solid core ignition wires last?

The ignition cables on a car are made to last about 60,000 miles before they have to be replaced. Probably 6–10 years.

How many ohms of resistance should a spark plug wire have?

The Society of Automotive Engineers suggests the maximum resistance should be 12,000 ohms-per-foot. However, some OEMs have recommended different maximum resistances.

What is a spark plug wire set?

Spark plug wires, also known as ignition cables, are a key part of the ignition system. Car engines that have a distributor or remote coil pack have spark plug wires that transfer the spark from the coil to the spark plug.

Does it matter what kind of spark plug wires you use?

Plug wires are most often rated by their diameter. The most common are 7mm and 8mm thicknesses, but what’s more important is the conductor. The best choice is the spiro-wrap style Taylor wires that reduce resistance, minimize RFI noise, and offer the best performance.

How can I tell if my spark plug wires are solid core?

There’s more to a plug wire than the color of its skin. The only way to accurately tell one type of wire from another is to go beneath its skin to reveal its core construction. Basically, there are three main types of ignition wire: solid-core, carbon-suppression, and spiral-wound.

Can you shorten spark plug wires?

The good news is that you can always cut and crimp your wires to the length you need. If done incorrectly it may cause a space to occur between the spark plug wire conductor and its terminal.

Where do you put dielectric grease on spark plugs?

Clean the spark plug and the plug boot. Squirt the dielectric grease onto a piece of cardboard. Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of dielectric grease around the inner wall of the spark plug boot. Put the plug boot back in place, and you’re good to go.

How much does a spark plug replacement cost?

Spark plugs are incredibly inexpensive, often costing less than ten dollars apiece. Now you may need to replace several at once, but it still won’t cost very much. The typical amount you will pay for spark plugs is between $16-$100, while for labor on a spark plug replacement you can expect to pay around $40-$150.

Why choose Taylor Cable ignition wires?

When winning comes down to the wire, you can count on high performance ignition wires and electrical components from Taylor Cable to get the job done!

What kind of parts does Taylor motors have?

Having perfected spark plug wires and battery cables, Taylor expanded with the development of: ignition parts (caps, rotors, distributors, coils, switches); installation tools; convoluted tubing; protective heat wrap; intake systems; battery mounts; valve cover adapters & risers.

Is Taylor Cable a good brand?

Taylor Cable has been building maximum performance and reliability into its products for over 80 years. It’s no surprise that professional race teams and American automotive, motorcycle, and tractor manufacturers rely on Taylor Cable.

Why choose a premium Ignition cable?

Their longevity is built on premium ignition cable that offers second-to-none reliability.