Who owns Super Plus in Jamaica?

Who owns Super Plus in Jamaica?

Wayne Chen –
Wayne Chen – CEO – Super Plus Food Stores | LinkedIn.

Who started Super Plus?

Hyacinth Chen, along with her husband, Vincent, started the family retail business in Port Antonio, Portland in 1964. The business blossomed into the Super Plus supermarket empire.

Who started Super Plus in Jamaica?

Hyacinth Chen, who was the family matriarch, along with her husband Vincent, started the family-owned business, Super Plus Food Stores, in 1964 in their native parish Portland. The supermarket chain grew to become one of the largest retail chains in Jamaica, with 30 stores across the island at its peak.

How many supermarkets are there in Jamaica?

Jamaica has three major grocery chains. Super Plus is the largest with thirty two outlets listed in the phonebook. Next is Progressive Grocers with about twenty one stores under several names such as Shopper’s Fair. The third chain is Hi-Lo with thirteen stores.

Who is Wayne Chen?

Wayne Chen is the Chief Executive Officer of Super Plus Food Stores, the largest retailer in Jamaica. He is also a younger brother of billionaire Michael Lee-Chen. Mr. Chen is the Chairman of NCB Insurance Company Limited and West Indies Trust Company Limited.

Is there Walmart in Jamaica?

There are no walmarts in Jamaica. There is megamart in Montego Bay, There are other brands like Hilo,Superplus.

What grocery stores are in Jamaica?

Loshusan Supermarket.

  • Joong Supermarket.
  • Super Valu Supermarket Ltd.
  • Brooklyn Supermarket.
  • Joong Supermarket & Wholesale, Joong Portmore.
  • Lee’s Food Fair Ltd, Lee’s Supermarket- Lee’s Family Pharmacy.
  • General Food Supermarket Jamaica- Contacts, Opening Hours.
  • Intown Supersave Supermarket.
  • What is the name of Michael Lee Chin business?

    Portland Holdings Inc
    Michael Lee-Chin, OJ, OOnt (born 3 January 1951), is a Jamaican-Canadian billionaire businessman, and philanthropist and the chairman and CEO of Portland Holdings Inc, a privately held investment company in Ontario, Canada.

    Who is the richest in Jamaica?

    With a net worth of $3.6 billion, Joseph M. Matalon ranks as Jamaica’s richest person. The majority of his wealth comes from his position as Chairman of ICD Group Holdings, a Jamaican investment holding company, and the media firm RJR Gleaner Communications Group.

    What jewelry is Jamaica known for?

    Through the many Duty Free Shops, Jamaica sells an abundance of the finest in jewelry, from world renowned designers such as Carrera y Carrera, Gucci, Swiss Army and Bulgari. These include gold, ruby, diamonds, emeralds and a host of other precious gems.

    What is the safest area in Jamaica?

    Safest Places to Visit in Jamaica

    • Safe Town for Resort Living. Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is a comfortable and secure tourist hotspot on Jamaica’s north coast.
    • Gateway to Jamaica’s Natural Side. Port Antonio. Stay in Port Antonio’s center and spend your day out on excursions.
    • Land of Pristine Beaches. Negril.

    Who is the richest kid in Jamaica?


    • Michael Lee-Chin made a fortune investing in financial companies like National Commercial Bank Jamaica and AIC Limited.
    • The native of Jamaica acquired AIC in 1987, when it had less than $1 million in assets under management.