Who owns strait shipping?

Who owns strait shipping?

Champ Private Equity Group
In 2016, Strait Shipping was sold to Australian-based Champ Private Equity Group. At the same time, Champ Group also purchased trucking companies Freight Lines and Streamline Freight, which had both been separately owned by the Barker family.

How fast does the Bluebridge ferry go?

A Bluebridge passenger ferry has been given the green light to increase its speed in the Marlborough Sounds, despite the reservations of an environmental group. Strait Shipping’s vessel Strait Feronia is now allowed to travel through the Sounds at a speed of 18 knots, equivalent to 33.3kmh.

Who owns Bluebridge ferry?

The parent company that owns Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry has been sold to Morgan Stanley for over half a billion.

Who started Bluebridge?

In December 2002 the MV Santa Regina came into operation and launched Strait Shipping’s passenger service, known as Bluebridge. The Santa Regina was built in 1985 and had an overall length of 136m with 1300 lane metres.

Who owns streamline freight?

CPE Capital
Streamline Freight was bought out by CPE Capital on Dec 7, 2016 .

Who started bluebridge?

How heavy is the Bluebridge ferry?

At just 7,000 tonnes, the Kent had a service speed of 15 knots and a capacity of 1,100 lane metres.

Where does the Bluebridge ferry leave from?

If pre-arranged customers can sign their paperwork at the Picton office and car/keys will be delivered to our Wellington terminal for you to collect upon arrival. After drop off (25 Dixon St, Wellington) customers must find their own way to the terminal to catch the ferry.

Is there food on the Bluebridge ferry?

Bluebridge is the best way for foodies and wine lovers to cross Cook Strait. You’ll be spoilt for choice with great coffee, freshly baked breads, tempting cakes and a range of kiwi-inspired fare prepared with love by our chefs on board.

Does bluebridge ferry have food?

Why choose Bluebridge for your ferry journey?

Bluebridge operates ferry services in New Zealand. The company is known for high levels of service, and a fleet of modern, comfortable ships. AFerry always has great offers for Bluebridge and allows you to compare prices, times and routes to help you find the best sailing for you.

What is bluebluebridge?

Bluebridge is the brand name of a popular and modern passenger ferry service operated by StraitNZ, connecting New Zealand’s capital city Wellington and Picton in the Marlborough region across Cook Strait.

What is bluebluebridge’s Straitsman?

Bluebridge’s newer vessel is The Straitsman – the Danish designed and Dutch built and started running in 2005 which is known to be the most modern and eco-friendly ship sailing Cook Strait.

When did the Stena Feronia join Bluebridge?

Formally called the Stena Feronia, the ship joined our fleet in June 2015 after sailing an overnight service between Gothenburg (Sweden) and Kiel (Germany). The vessel was renamed ‘Strait Feronia’ recognising its past heritage and its future with StraitNZ (formerly known as Strait Shipping). See where Bluebridge ships are right now!