Who owns RF Online?

Who owns RF Online?

Earlier today, Korean gaming giant Netmarble announced is has acquired all rights to the RF Online IP from original owner CCR.

How do I get to ether in RF Online Cora?

When you reach level 35, you can enter Ether, a planet where you can hunt and collect unlimited amounts of money. After buying an entrance ticket near the boat right outside HQ, you can enter the Kartella passenger boat that will travel to Ether.

How do I find my playpark ID?

Please submit a retrieval request by emailing us at [email protected], indicating your Asiasoft Passport LoginID and a scanned color copy of your National ID. Our officers will provide further assistance upon receiving your request.

How do I verify my playpark account?

Q: How do I verify my PlayID? A: A verification email will be sent to the email address provided during the PlayID registration. All you need to do is to click on the URL link stated in the email and your newly created PlayID will be verified.

How do you make an RF playpark account?

Visit https://www.playpark.com/en-sg/ and click on the “Register” button. Step 2: You will be brought to the PlayID registration page. Enter the required details, tick the check box beside “I accept the Terms of Service” and click on the “Register” button to continue.

What are NPC quests in RF Online?

On the other hand RF Online offers another type of quest your character might want to take advantage of; gamers us- ually call this as “NPC quests” —– simply because these quests are given by different NPCs at certain character levels.

What are the levels of special quests in Bellato?

-BELLATO SPECIAL QUESTS: -Bellato Level 20 special quests – done… ++ Still available (at red status) at: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 ++ Still available (at yellow status) at: 30 -Bellato Level 21 special quests = NONE – done… -Bellato Level 22 special quests = NONE – done…

What makes the Bel-Latons so special?

Such abilities were enhanced through the trade between the Accretia Empire’s machine civilization and the Cora holy alliance’s spiritual civilization, making the Bel- latons rule over unique grounds full of machines and spirituality combined.