Who opened for The Who in 1980?

Who opened for The Who in 1980?

Willie Nile
At the invitation of Pete Townshend, Willie Nile accompanied the Who on their summer of 1980 – Second North American Leg as an opening act.

Who played at the Lewisham Odeon?

Many more concerts were then staged at the Odeon, among the artistes appearing were Nat ‘King’ Cole, Johnny Cash, Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie and His Orchestra, Ted Heath and His Orchestra, Ray Charles, The Supremes, Chuck Berry, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, and The Beatles (twice in …

What happened to Lewisham Odeon?

The building reopened in 1962 as the Lewisham Odeon after being closed for several months due to a fire. After closure, the entire building was demolished in 1991 for a road widening scheme.

When did Lewisham Odeon close?

Opened in 1932, later renamed Odeon, closed in 1981 and demolished in 1991. The largest cinema in Lewisham, it initially had 3050 seats.

What is being built in Lewisham?

Residents living in the shadow of South East London’s biggest regeneration development say they fear the area losing its soul as the £250 million scheme nears completion. Lewisham Gateway Phase Two will create 649 new homes, as well as a new restaurant and retail space and the borough’s first major cinema.

When did catford cinema close?

For most of the twentieth century, Catford housed a number of cinemas making it a popular hang out spot for South Londoners. Opened in 1909 and closed in 1914, The Electric Picture Palace stood at 8 Sangley Road. It was demolished in the 1990s and replaced by a block of flats.

Who is Shea Stadium?

William A.
Shea Stadium (/ʃeɪ/; formally known as William A….Shea Stadium.

Coordinates 40°45′20″N 73°50′53″WCoordinates: 40°45′20″N 73°50′53″W
Owner City of New York New York Mets
Operator New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (1964–1981) New York Mets (1964–2008)
Capacity Baseball: 57,333 Football: 60,372

Where is Lewisham Gateway?

Lewisham Gateway Lewisham, London Lewisham Gateway is a prominent development site at the heart of Lewisham, where the DLR, mainline and bus stations conjoin. The project is a high-density mixed-use development comprising retail, leisure, office and residential and reconfiguring the infrastructure and road layouts.

What stadium do the Yankees play in?

Yankee Stadium
New York Yankees/Arenas/Stadiums

What is Shea Stadium called now?

Citi Field
Citi Field is a baseball park located in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in New York City. Completed in 2009, it is the home field of the New York Mets of the National League East division of Major League Baseball. The stadium was built as a replacement for the adjacent Shea Stadium, which opened in 1964.