Who makes M80s?

Who makes M80s?

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How much does an M-80 cost?

M-80’s, small cardboard tubes containing about eight grams of explosive powder, were originally designed for use in military training during World War II. On the street, they sell for $2 each. Blockbusters, which sell for $2.50 to $3, have the explosive force of a quarter stick of dynamite.

How much of a stick of dynamite is an M-80?

An M-80 has at least 3,000 mg. (Contrary to urban legend, that is not equivalent to a quarter-stick of dynamite, which typically contains at least 20,000 mg.)

Is a m100 a quarter-stick of dynamite?

M-1000 (Quarter Stick): The average size is 6″ inches long with an 1″ diameter. The average explosive composition is . 97 oz. Detonation can cause extremely severe injuries to the body, or even death.

What is a M80 firework?

M80 fireworks are a type of big firecracker that is quite notorious in the world of pyrotechnics.

Are M80 fireworks legal?

M-80s are not authorized under the law, thus making importation, possession, transportation, storage or manufacturing illegal in Canada. Firecrackers , including the M-80, can be purchased from Native Reserves in Canada, as they have different governing laws.

Where to buy m 80s firecrackers?

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