Who made the Diamond T pickup?

Who made the Diamond T pickup?

Diamond T, and later, Diamond Reo commercial trucks were well known for their over-built designs through World War II and on into the 1950s. The company was purchased by White Trucks in 1958 and was merged with the Reo Truck brand, which White had bought one year earlier.

What years did they make Diamond T trucks?

Cars. Diamond T produced automobiles in Chicago from 1905 to 1911. The models produced were powerful touring cars of up to 70 hp.

Who made the Diamond Rio truck?

In 1971, Francis L. Cappaert of Birmingham, Alabama, bought Diamond Reo from White and formed an independent company called Diamond Reo Trucks Inc. And, at about the same time the Diamond Reo C-116 series was introduced, which featured Cummins NTC-335, NTC-350, NTA-370 and Detroit Diesel 12V-71N engines.

What is an Ultra4 car?

Ultra4 Race Classes The big-money vehicles that make the headlines are the Ultra4 class vehicles, also known as the 4400 class. They must have two seats, an engine in the front, a single shock at each corner of the vehicle, and solid axles. They are also limited to 37-inch DOT-approved tires.

Who owns Diamondt?

White Motor Co.
Over the 56-year history of the company, about 250,000 stylish Diamond T trucks were sold. White Motor Co. bought Diamond T in 1958 and then merged it with their Reo Division to form the Diamond Reo Division. The last of the Diamond T trucks were built in the 1966 model year.

When was the last Diamond T truck?

The last of the Diamond T trucks were built in the 1966 model year. When owner Lawrence Siegel was in high school, he was a car nut. He and a buddy used to go to the car and truck dealers in and around Emeryville to look at the new vehicles and collect their brochures.

What is a 4400 car?

4400: ULTRA4 Unlimited Class This is the original unlimited class that started the King of The Hammers. These cars compete during the main King of The Hammers race on KOH Week. These cars can be straight axle, or independent front suspension (IFS). 4500: Modified Class This class has been racing in ULTRA4 since 2012.

How do you qualify for Koh?

To pre-qualify you must have gained an entry spot at either the previous year’s KOH; at one of the previous year’s Regional Series races; at the previous year’s Nitto Tire National Championships; be a previous KOH winner; be an OG entrant (one of the original 13 drivers who started the inaugural race); or have an entry …

Who bought out Autocar?

Shortly after, in 1981, the Swedish company AB Volvo acquired White Motor Company’s assets, including the Autocar brand name. The Volvo White Truck Corporation was formed and Autocar continued to produce custom designed severe-service trucks.