Who is Yuuya bridges in total eclipse?

Who is Yuuya bridges in total eclipse?

Yuuya Bridges is the main protagonist featured in Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. In all versions of Total Eclipse, Yuuya appears as a Japanese-American test pilot of the US Army sent to Yukon Base in Alaska as the main test pilot of the XFJ Program .

What is yuyuya’s view on dueling?

Yuya believes that dueling is for the purpose of making people happy, and he is disgusted when it is used for war. As a spectator, he will protest against any duel conducted with violence, hatred and/or anger.

How is Yuya rendered in 3D?

When the darkness inside Yuya takes over Awakened Yuya, he continuously emits a dark aura from his body. Yuya is rendered in 3D when he is riding ” Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon “, any of its evolved forms, or his Duel Runner.

What kind of character is Yuuya?

Yuuya is a mysterious character at first, indicating nothing of his true personality. He initially appears to be a protective and strong ally, as well as sophisticated and classy with his Japanese pronouns, language, and manners, though occasionally coming across as somewhat blunt and apathetic.

How good of a pilot is Yuuya?

Despite his lack of actual combat experience, as a 2nd Lieutenant of the US Army, Yuuya is fairly skilled; his role as a test pilot means that he has gained a wealth of experience in putting TSF through their paces and pushing them to their limit.

How would you describe Yuuya’s personality?

While outwardly cold and indifferent towards people unfamiliar with him, Yuuya has great camaderie with those whom he works closely with, and would not hesitate to put his life on the line for something he believes in.

Why did Yuuya break up with Sharon?

His relationship, especially with Leon, soured further at this point, with Leon refusing to forgive Yuuya. When Yuuya left the test unit, he also broke up with Sharon. His mother later died of disease, leaving him with only his title as a test pilot.