Who is the top female pole vaulter?

Who is the top female pole vaulter?

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Place Competitor Score
1 Katie NAGEOTTE 1443
2 Anzhelika SIDOROVA 1432
3 Katerina STEFANIDI 1380
4 Holly BRADSHAW 1377

Who won Women’s Pole Vault 2021?

Katie Nageotte won gold in women’s pole vault after clearing 4.90 meters. Katie Nageotte vaulted herself to gold. The 30-year-old Cleveland native cleared 4.90 meters (16 feet, 0.91 inches) on her second attempt in women’s pole vault to win the gold medal for the United States at the Tokyo Olympics on Thursday.

Who is the most famous pole vaulter?

Bubka won six consecutive IAAF World Championships, an Olympic gold medal and broke the world record for men’s pole vault 35 times. He was the first pole vaulter to clear 6.0 metres and 6.10 metres….Sergey Bubka.

Personal information
Years active 1981–2001
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Weight 80 kg (176 lb)
Website www.sergeybubka.com

What is a good womens pole vault?

14–15 feet will get you some conference or district level attention, and 15–16 feet will generally put you among the top in nearly any state. 16+, and you’re probably a national competitor. For women, adjust down by a few feet.

Who qualified in women’s pole vault?

Women’s pole vault

Qualification standard No. of athletes Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 4.70 3 Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou Eleni-Klaoudia Polak Katerina Stefanidi
3 Morgann LeLeux Sandi Morris Katie Nageotte
2 Anicka Newell Alysha Newman
2 Li Ling Xu Huiqin

Who won the gold medal in pole vaulting?

Katie Nageotte of the U.S. rallies to win gold in pole vault at the Tokyo Olympics. TOKYO — Katie Nageotte said Thursday night’s women’s pole vault final was a microcosm of her year: A rocky start with a triumphant end. Her year began with a bout of COVID-19, and side effects that lingered thereafter.

Who is the gold medalist in pole vault?

Armand Duplantis
William Hoyt was the first Olympic champion in 1896 and Stacy Dragila became the first female Olympic pole vault champion over 100 years later in 2000. Armand Duplantis and Katie Nageotte are the reigning Olympic champions from 2021….Pole vault at the Olympics.

Pole vault at the Olympic Games
Men Armand Duplantis (SWE)
Women Katie Nageotte (USA)

What is the highest high jump?

High jump

Athletics High jump
Men Javier Sotomayor 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) (1993)
Women Stefka Kostadinova 2.09 m ( 6 ft 101⁄4 in) (1987)
Olympic records
Men Charles Austin 2.39 m (7 ft 10 in) (1996)

Is height an advantage in pole vault?

Taller athletes have an advantage in the pole vault, especially at the pole strike. A taller athlete usually has a higher reach, and an athlete with a higher reach can strike the pole at a higher angle than a shorter athlete with a lower reach.

Who won Women’s Pole Vault 2020?

Katie Nageotte
Athletics at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Women’s pole vault

Women’s pole vault at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad
Competitors 31 from 19 nations
Winning height 4.90
Katie Nageotte United States Anzhelika Sidorova ROC Holly Bradshaw Great Britain

What is the highest pole vault?

The highest pole vault indoors is 6.16 m (20 ft 2.5 in) by Renaud Lavillenie (France) during the Pole Vault Stars meeting in Donetsk , Ukraine, on 15 February 2014.

What is the world record for the pole vault?

American Marc Wright was credited with the first recognized men’s pole vault world record with a leap of 4.02 meters (13 feet, 2¼ inches) in 1912. His effort is one of the longest-lived men’s pole vault records, surviving until 1920, when American Frank Foss won the Olympic gold medal by clearing 4.09/13-5.

What do pole vaulters wear?

Pole vaulters generally wear shoes designed specifically for field events. And some governing bodies have also begun requiring the use of a pole vault helmet. But other clothing worn by pole vaulters tends to be more generic. Shorts and singlets are predominant for men.

What does pole vaulter mean?

• POLE VAULTER (noun) The noun POLE VAULTER has 1 sense: 1. an athlete who jumps over a high crossbar with the aid of a long pole. Familiarity information: POLE VAULTER used as a noun is very rare. Dictionary entry details.