Who is the head of the Westies?

Who is the head of the Westies?

Bosko Radonjich, an American-Serbian nationalist and onetime anti-communist started his Westies affiliation as a low-level associate of Jimmy Coonan in 1983. He became the boss of the Westies when Kelly went on the lam and was instrumental in the “fixing” of John Gotti’s 1986 racketeering trial.

What ethnicity is George Romero?

Early life. Romero was born in the New York City borough of the Bronx, the son of Anne Romero (Dvorsky) and George Romero, a commercial artist. His mother was Lithuanian, and his father moved from Spain to Cuba as a child.

What is George Romero known for?

Romero, in full George Andrew Romero, (born February 4, 1940, Bronx, New York, U.S.—died July 16, 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), American film director, writer, and producer who was best known for his contributions to the horror movie genre.

Is Karl Malden dead?

Deceased (1912–2009)
Karl Malden/Living or Deceased

Does the Westies still exist?

The group was never large, it was not particularly sophisticated and it was brought to heel by the larger Italian-American mafia and due to federal and state prosecutions. It’s surviving members are in prison, or have “retired” from the criminal life.

Who killed the Irish Westies?

Spanish police suspect they were killed after crossing another group of Irish gangsters based in Spain. Coates had fled to Spain after being injured in a shoot-out with Gardaí in Cavan in 2003. In April 2005, Andrew Glennon (30) was shot dead after being ambushed by at least four gunmen near his home in Clonee.

Did George Romero have kids?

George Cameron Romero
Tina RomeroAndrew Romero
George A. Romero/Children

Did George A Romero smoke?

We cannot definitively say what caused Romero’s lung cancer, however, he did smoke and recalled chain-smoking Marlboros sometimes while he was working. Other than avoiding smoking and being exposed to secondhand smoke, what else can we do to be proactive about preventing lung cancer?

What was wrong with Karl Malden nose?

In high school, he was a popular student and the star of the basketball team (according to his autobiography, Malden broke his nose twice while playing, taking elbows to the face and resulting in his trademark bulbous nose).

Who is Karl Malden wife?

Mona Greenbergm. 1938–2009
Karl Malden/Wife

More Stories by Mike. Mona Malden, an actress who worked on Broadway and was married to Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden for 70 years, has died. She was 102. She died peacefully Saturday at her Brentwood home in Los Angeles where she lived for the past 60 years, her family announced.

Is Hell’s Kitchen still Irish?

Hell’s Kitchen is an area boundaried by 34th Street and 59th Street on the south and north respectively and by 8th Avenue and the Hudson River on its east and west sides. Up until the gentrification of the 80’s and 90’s it was largely an Irish enclave for years.

What happened to Mickey Featherstone from the Westies?

But the Westies now had an enemy in Featherstone. After his conviction was overturned, he struck a deal with the authorities to inform on his own organization. He has since been living in anonymity in the federal witness protection program.

Who was the boss of the Pittsburgh family?

In 1956, John Sebastian LaRocca became the boss of the Pittsburgh family and reigned as boss for nearly thirty years. LaRocca was born in 1901 in Sicily and moved to the United States in 1910, he later moved in 1933 with his wife to Pittsburgh.

What happened to Greg Grosso in the godfather?

Grosso was linked to Charles “Chucky” Porter, and Grosso had ties to the Pittsburgh political system allowing him to run his organization unscathed for many years and unconnected to organized crime. He was eventually arrested by law enforcement and he served significant jail time, ultimately dying while incarcerated.

What was the Italian Mafia in Pittsburgh?

In Pittsburgh the Italian underworld was broken into two ethnic factions, with the ” Sicilian Mafia ” controlling the North and South sides of the city and the “Neapolitan Camorra ” controlling the East End of the city. In the early 1920s, the two factions became involved in bootlegging, the illegal making, selling and transporting of alcohol.

Was Tony Grosso an organized crime boss?

Anthony “Tony” Grosso – controlled gambling operations in the Pittsburgh area. The FBI never categorized Grosso as an organized crime member. Grosso was linked to Charles “Chucky” Porter, and Grosso had ties to the Pittsburgh political system allowing him to run his organization unscathed for many years and unconnected to organized crime.