Who is the CMO of Microsoft?

Who is the CMO of Microsoft?

Chris Capossela
Chris Capossela is Microsoft’s chief marketing officer and executive vice president of worldwide consumer business.

When did Chris Capossela become CMO?

In 2014, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promoted Capossela to Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing marketing across consumer and commercial audiences for all Microsoft services and products, corporate communications, brand, advertising and research. Capossela took over the role from his predecessor Mich Mathews.

What is marketing’s chief mission?

A CMO’s primary mission is to facilitate growth and increase sales by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will promote brand recognition and help the organization gain a competitive advantage.

Who is the CFO of Microsoft?

Amy Hood
Hood holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Duke University in 1994 and an MBA from Harvard University….

Amy Hood
Alma mater Duke University (1994) Harvard University (MBA)
Occupation CFO of Microsoft

Who are the leaders of Microsoft?

Microsoft CEO and key executive team

  • Satya Nadella. Chief Executive Officer, Board Member.
  • Kevin Scott. Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Technology & Research.
  • Amy Hood. Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President.
  • Judson Althoff.
  • Kathleen Hogan.
  • Chris Capossela.
  • Brad Smith.
  • Bill Gates.

Is CMO higher than VP?

To be successful, the CMO must play a role broader than just leading the marketing organization….The Modern CMO.

Chief Marketing Officer VP Marketing
Strategic mindset that adds value to the C-suite Executes tactical marketing programs

How much does a CVP at Microsoft make?

The average salary for a Corporate Vice President is $132,735 per year in United States, which is 65% lower than the average Microsoft salary of $381,025 per year for this job.

Who is the highest paid in Microsoft?

Microsoft chairman John Thompson recently defended the salary of CEO Satya Nadella when asked about the same during shareholders’ meet. Thompson said that Nadella, who earned $42.9 million in 2019, deserved every penny of it. At this salary, India-born Nadella is the highest-paid executive at Microsoft.

How old is Amy Hood?

Amy Hood
Born 1971/1972 (age 49–50) Nashville, Tennessee
Alma mater Duke University (1994) Harvard University (MBA)
Occupation CFO of Microsoft

How old is Chris Capossela?

Chris Capossela (born 1969) is Microsoft ‘s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Consumer Business. Capossela’s career at Microsoft includes roles as Bill Gates’ speech assistant, Corporate Vice President of the Consumer Channels Group and marketing leadership of the company’s Microsoft Office group.

What does Capossela do at Microsoft?

As the chief marketing officer, Capossela runs marketing across both the consumer and commercial businesses, which includes marketing for all Microsoft services and products, business planning, brand, advertising, events, communications and research.

How much of Microsoft stock does Capossela own?

Capossela owns over 10,000 units of Microsoft stock worth over $31,614,863 and over the last 8 years he sold MSFT stock worth over $47,071,164. In addition, he makes $0 as Executive Vice President, Marketing and Consumer Business, and and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft. Wallmine is a radically better financial terminal.

What’s Christopher Capossela’s mailing address?

What’s Christopher Capossela’s mailing address? Christopher’s mailing address filed with the SEC is C/O MICROSOFT CORPORATION, ONE MICROSOFT WAY, REDMOND, WA, 98052-6399 . Over the last 15 years, insiders at Microsoft have traded over $221,139,249,241 worth of Microsoft stock and bought 4,149,765 units worth $165,701,423 .