Who is the best table tennis player in Sri Lanka?

Who is the best table tennis player in Sri Lanka?


  • Buddhika Yasiru UNAWATUNA HEWAGE.
  • Who is the number 1 ping pong player?

    Template:Current ITTF Men’s World Ranking

    ITTF Men’s World Ranking, as of 14 December 2021
    # Player Points
    1 Fan Zhendong ( CHN ) 14,145
    2 Ma Long ( CHN ) 10,510
    3 Xu Xin ( CHN ) 8,630

    Which country plays the best table tennis?

    Ma Long is considered the greatest player of all time (G.O.A.T). Based on the current Olympic medals results, China has won 85.7% of the Gold medal in table tennis….01 China.

    Country Sport Gold medals won
    China Table Tennis 85.7%
    USA Basketball 78.6%
    South Korea Archery 64.3%
    German Equestrian 35.7%

    Who is the most popular table tennis player?

    The Most Famous Table Tennis Players Of All Time

    • Fan Zhendong. Zhendong is currently the number one table tennis player in the world, according to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
    • Ma Long.
    • Wang Liqin.
    • Xu Xin.
    • Liu Guoliang.
    • Jan-Ove Waldner.
    • Zoran Primorac.
    • Ichiro Ogimura.

    Who is the king of table tennis?

    King of Table Tennis Dal‐Joon Lee.

    Who is the God of table tennis?

    Ma Lin (table tennis)

    Lin Ma
    Full name Ma Lin
    Nationality China
    Born February 19, 1980 Shenyang, Liaoning, China
    Playing style Chinese Penhold

    What country is tennis most popular in?

    Popularity of Tennis Around the World

    ranking Country Regional Popularity *
    1 Australia 100
    2 France 71
    3 New Zealand 70
    4 Switzerland 69