Who is Tamika to Eazy-E?

Who is Tamika to Eazy-E?

Tomica Woods-Wright, the owner and CEO of Ruth less Records, inherited the record company in 1995 from her husband, rap legend Eric Wright—a.k.a. Eazy-E. —after his untimely death due to A.I.D.S. -related pneumonia.

What happened to Eric Wright’s wife?

Eazy-E owned and operated the company until his death in 1995 and now, his wife is currently in charge. Tomica accused her husband’s eldest son of illegally profiting off his father by attempting to register trademarks related to him.

Who did Eze marry?

Tomica Wrightm. 1995–1995

Does Tamika Wright have kids with Eazy-E?

Tomica is the mother to two of Eazy-E’s kids: son Dominick and daughter Daijah, who was born six months after his death from AIDS-induced pneumonia.

Who is Eazy-E Junior’s mother?

Wright’s mother, Tracy Jernigan, has been a music manager for two decades and is working on the documentary with her daughter. Wright says her parents were together through the rise of N.W.A., and broke up about a year before her father’s death.

How old is Eric Wright Jr?

37 years (April 23, 1984)
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Who is Eazy-E’s ex-wife Tomica Wright?

Who is Tomica Wright? Tomica Wright was born on 7 December 1969, in California, USA, and is an entrepreneur as well as a film producer, best known for being the CEO of the record label Ruthless Records. The company was previously held by her husband Eazy-E until his death.

Did Tomica Wright and Eric Wright settle their lawsuit?

According to reports, court documents show that Tomica Wright and Eric Wright have finally reached a settlement that will bring the case to a close after years of litigation.

Who is Eric Darnell Wright Jr?

His son Eric Darnell Wright Jr., would take on the mantle Lil Eazy-E or Lil Eazy, working in the music industry and as an HIV Activist. He is the CEO of the music and media production company NWA Entertainment LLC, in partnership with his brother Derrek Wright.

Who is Tomika Woods-Wright?

That’s most likely a reference to Tomika Woods-Wright, who married Eazy-E moments before his death. All of which suggests a coordinated attack by a group hostile to Eazy-E.