Who is Swee Lee?

Who is Swee Lee?

Swee Lee is Asia’s leading omni-channel retailer and distributor of musical instruments and pro-audio brands. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting one of our physical stores, we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey.

Who owns Swee Lee?

Kuok Meng Ru
Kuok Meng Ru has kept music as a constant in his business endeavours — as the co-founder of BandLab Technologies, the managing director of music gear retailer Swee Lee, and the proud owner of a 49% stake of iconic media brand Rolling Stone.

Is Swee Lee open on public holidays?

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

How do I know what kind of guitar strings to buy?

Get heavier strings for larger bodied acoustic guitars. Heavier strings will typically sound better on larger body guitars, while lighter strings sound better on smaller instruments. If your guitar’s body is big, medium to heavy gauge strings will sound better in its larger sound chamber.

Does Swee Lee ship internationally?

We currently ship within Singapore and selected international countries (taxes and import duties may apply).

What is a fret in music?

A fret is a space between two fretbars on the neck of a stringed instrument. Frets divide the neck into fixed segments at intervals related to a musical framework. On instruments such as guitars, each fret represents one semitone in the standard western system, in which one octave is divided into twelve semitones.

Where can I buy Swee Lee drums in Singapore?

Drum Shop @ Peninsula Shopping Complex. The official Facebook page for Swee Lee is located at facebook.com/SweeLeeSingapore/. You can also follow the official Instagram account, which in turn is available at instagram.com/sweeleemusic/.

Where to buy guitars in Singapore?

Musical instrument shop Swee Lee, a great place to buy guitars for beginners in Singapore, has three locations available, including a flagship store within The Star Vista mall (1 Vista Exchange Green). Established in 1946, the company’s stores are premier destinations for many types of musical instruments and pro-audio brands.

What’s in Swee Lee’s drum&percussion collection?

Find the perfect kit, or even build one with the various percussion options and accessories in Swee Lee’s Drum & Percussion collection! Drumsticks, Drum Heads, Snare Drums, Stick Bags, Cajons, Acoustic and Electric Drum Kits, Tambourines and even Practice Pads are available now! It doesn’t matter what genre you’re playing.

How many keys are there on a Swee Lee keyboard?

Damper pedals are also available, so that you can master your expression at every step. From 25 keys to a full range of 88, the Swee Lee Keyboards & Pianos collection has something for players of all ages and levels.