Who is part of the Francophonie?

Who is part of the Francophonie?

The Francophonie refers to men and women who share a common language: French. We estimate over 300 million French speakers across five continents.

What do you understand about Francophonie OIF?

The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF; sometimes shortened to the Francophonie, French: La Francophonie [la fʁɑ̃kɔfɔni], but also called International Organisation of La Francophonie in English-language context) is an international organization representing countries and regions where French is a …

What is the purpose of Francophonie?

La Francophonie acts as a forum for educational, political and economic cooperation and provides important support to ensure French remains an international language. France is the leading contributor to the OIF and Francophonie agencies highlighting their role as a priority vehicle for action.

Why is Vietnam in the OIF?

Vietnamese membership of the OIF seems to stem in part from the isolation and poverty in which they found themselves in the second half of the 20th century. They were prime candidates to join a “third way” group that did not include current or recent enemies. A brief history of Vietnam will explain this.

Who runs La Francophonie?

Louise MUSHIKIWABO, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda, was elected by the Heads of State and Government as Secretary General of La Francophonie for a four-year term, from 01 January 2019, replacing Mrs. Michaelle JEAN.

Why is Algeria not part of OIF?

Due to Algeria’s historical bad blood relations with France, Algerians keep in mind that they are not part of French department anymore and they have been very nationalistic by their sentiment around. That said, this is why Algeria remains outside the Francophonie Organization.

What two languages speak on 5 continents?

French and English are the only languages spoken as a native language on five continents and the only languages taught in every country in the world.

What has the Francophonie done?

La Francophonie aims to promote the French language, its evolution, its cultural and linguistic diversity and the different cultures that exist on its territory. PROMOTING PEACE AND DEMOCRACY. La Francophonie has made education a priority, in order to achieve the goals regarding girls’ education and youth integration.

Is French still spoken in Louisiana?

Louisiana French is still a vernacular language. But it is estimated that between 150,000 and 200,000 people can speak it in Louisiana.

What has La Francophonie done?

La Francophonie has made education a priority, in order to achieve the goals regarding girls’ education and youth integration. COOPERATING TO SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. The OIF supports less pri- vileged Francophone countries in their efforts towards economic growth and the management of their natural resources.

When did Belgium join the OIF?

List of member states

Country Joined Language
Belgium 1970 officially trilingual, French included
* French Community of Belgium 1980 French official language
Benin 1970 French
Bulgaria 1993 Bulgarian