Who is out for the Houston Texans today?

Who is out for the Houston Texans today?


Player Position Game Status
Terrance Mitchell DB OUT
Tyrod Taylor QB (-)
Deshaun Watson QB OUT

Who got hurt in Texans game today?


Player Position Injury
Jonathan Greenard DL Shoulder
Kamu Grugier-Hill LB Knee
Jordan Akins TE Illness
Chris Moore WR Illness

Is Jonathan greenard playing today?

Texans’ Jonathan Greenard: Questionable for Week 13 Greenard (foot) is questionable for Sunday’s game against the Colts.

Did Texans win today?

Titans clinch AFC’s top seed with 28-25 win over Texans.

Who is starting QB for Texans?

Deshaun Watson
Davis MillsTyrod Taylor
Houston Texans/Quarterbacks

Are the Jets healthy?

The Jets were the least healthiest team in 2019 and the 29th healthiest team in 2020, according to Fox Sports. The 2021 number figures to hover in the same bracket by season’s end.

What position does Jonathan greenard?

Defensive end
Jonathan Greenard/Position

How did the Texans get the NFL back in Houston?

With Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, they would push for a domed stadium as part of the bid to lure the NFL back to Houston. On October 6, 1999, the NFL awarded the 32nd team to Houston at a cost of $700 million. The Houston Texans joined the NFL in the 2002 season, playing at the newly opened Reliant Stadium under head coach Dom Capers.

Who owns the Houston Texans now?

The Texans were founded in 1999, and were owned by Bob McNair until his death in 2018; following McNair’s death, the majority ownership of the team went to his wife, Janice. The team replaced the city’s previous NFL franchise, the Houston Oilers, who played from 1960 to 1996 before moving to Nashville and eventually becoming the Tennessee Titans.

What famous people are fans of the Houston Texans football team?

The team also has a cheerleading squad simply named the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. Famous fans of the Texans include Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, actors Dennis Quaid, Jim Parsons, Rico Rodriguez, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, and astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

What is the official website for the Houston Texans?

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