Who is Mathole Motshekga?

Who is Mathole Motshekga?

Mathole Serofo Motshekga (born 2 April 1949 in Limpopo) is a South African politician and lawyer. A member of South Africa’s Parliament, Motshekga was formerly the African National Congress parliamentary chief whip. He was also the 2nd Premier of Gauteng province.

Where did Dr Motshekga study law?

After completing his secondary education he went on to further his studies and obtained a B.Luris degree at Unisa in 1975, LLB in 1978 (UNISA), LLM from Harvard Law School and a Doctor of Laws from Unisa. Dr Motshekga practiced as an attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa in Pretoria and was admitted as an Advocate in the same court in 1984.

Who is Makgatho mmathari Motshekga?

Makgatho Mmathari Motshekga, the beautiful daughter of Angie Motshekga, tied the knot with the love of her life in 2012. The lavish white wedding was attended by close family friends, and the beautiful bride wore an armless white wedding gown that revealed her beautiful shoulders.

Who is Angie Motshekga’s husband?

Two things Angie and her husband, Mathole Serofo Motshekga, have in common are their passion for education and interest in politics. Little wonder why their marriage has lasted so long because they both share interests in similar sectors and understand each other’s work demands. Mathole Motshekga is a successful politician and lawyer.