Who is Luis Royo?

Who is Luis Royo?

Luis Royo was born in 1954 in Olalla, Teruel in Spain. In 1972, he started to exhibit his paintings and in 1980 he first published his comics in magazines like 1984, Rambla, El VĂ­bora and Heavy Metal.

What publishers are interested in Luis Royo’s work?

In 1995, new publishers are interested in the work of Luis Royo: Ballantine, Nal, Daw, Doubleday, Harper Paperbucks, Zebra, Hasa Corporation, Pocket Books for Star Trek series, Penthouse Comic or Fleer Ultra X-Men by Marvel.

What’s new in Royo prohibited?

A new edition that recover authors classics and compiles this time the three volumes Royo dedicated to the art of eroticism: the Prohibited series, along with sketches published in Prohibited Sketchbook. The book contains over a hundred illustrations remastered, plus others unpublished.