Who is JP Devlin?

Who is JP Devlin?

JP Devlin – Producer / Reporter / Presenter – BBC Radio 4 | LinkedIn.

What happened to JP on Saturday live?

JP Devlin has not appeared on the programme since 2019. He has more recently appeared on Loose Ends and the Fortunately podcast. In December 2020, it was announced that Richard Coles’ new co-host would be the broadcaster Nikki Bedi.

What happened to Aasmah Mir?

On 27 September 2012 Mir announced on Twitter that she planned to leave BBC 5 Live after 11 years with the station. From 2012 to 2020 she was a copresenter of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live . In April 2020 she was announced as a presenter for Times Radio when the station launched on 29 June 2020.

What happened to Asma Mir on Saturday live?

Mir left BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live programme after six years this weekend, saying it was “time for something new”. She will join Times Radio launch director Stig Abell, also editor of the Times Literary Supplement, to present the breakfast show on Mondays to Thursdays.

What is Nikki Bedi doing now?

Nikki is currently hosting her own radio show, The Nikki Bedi Show – a music and entertainment programme on BBC Radio London. She has also guest presented The Breakfast Show, The Eddie Nestor show and the Jo Good show, all for Radio London.

What time is Saturday live on?

In the US, the show is scheduled to air at 11:30pm on NBC on Saturday.

Who is Aasmah Mir married to?

Piara Powar
Aasmah Mir/Spouse

How old is Aasmah?

50 years (October 7, 1971)
Aasmah Mir/Age

Who is Kabir Bedi wife?

Parveen Dusanjm. 2016
Nikki Bedim. 1992–2005Protima Bedim. 1969–1974
Kabir Bedi/Wife
Kabir Bedi married Susan Humphries in 1980 and Nikki Bedi in 1992, all of which ended in divorce. In early 2000s he met British-born Parveen Dusanj, who had come to watch him perform a play, The Far Pavilions in London. The two soon started dating and moved-in together in Mumbai.

What channel is Saturday Night Live on?

Saturday Night Live/Networks