Who is Jeanjean-Luc Godard?

Who is Jeanjean-Luc Godard?

Jean-Luc Godard is a prolific French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film editor whose career spans over sixty years. He has directed, written, produced and edited many films. The following attempts to be a comprehensive filmography.

Is it worth seeing Jean-Luc Godard’s early films?

Getting to grips with Jean-Luc Godard ’s early stuff will take time: every film he made between his feature debut, Breathless (1960), and taking his decisive steps away from conventional narrative cinema with Week End (1967) is worth seeing.

What did Jean Godard say in Le Petit Soldat?

Godard opened his second feature, Le Petit Soldat (1960), with the line: “The time for action is past. I have grown older. The time for reflection has come.” Thus, the agenda was set for the next seven years, during which time just about every picture he made was about his Danish wife and muse, Anna Karina, or their tempestuous relationship.

How do I approach pre-68 Jean-Paul Godard films?

So, the best way to approach pre-68 Godard is to take note of the storyline and characters, but pay most attention to the visuals and the themes. As a critic, Godard had been obsessed with film.

What is the best Jean-Luc Godard film?

The Best Jean-Luc Godard Films. 1 1. Breathless (1960) Not Rated | 90 min | Crime, Drama. 2 2. Vivre Sa Vie (1962) 3 3. Band of Outsiders (1964) 4 4. Pierrot le Fou (1965) 5 5. A Woman Is a Woman (1961)

Why is Jean Godard important to film history?

In challenging the conventions of cinema, Godard went on to become one of the most influential directors of all time and he inspired countless other filmmakers, including Martin Scorcese and Quentin Tarantino.

What does Jean-Luc Godard’s film period teach us about capitalism?

A constant refrain throughout Godard’s cinematic period is that of the bourgeoisie’s consumerism, the commodification of daily life and activity, and man’s alienation —all central features of Marx’s critique of capitalism.