Who is Iachimo in Cymbeline?

Who is Iachimo in Cymbeline?

Iachimo is a Roman lord and an acquaintance of Posthumus. He is sly and tricky, traits epitomized in his wager with Posthumus over Imogen’s chastity. A womanizer, Iachimo bets Posthumus that he can seduce Imogen in exchange for gold and a ring.

Why did iachimo came to Britain?

role in “Cymbeline” conversation with a villainous Italian, Iachimo, Posthumus finds himself drawn unwisely into betting Iachimo that Imogen’s fidelity to her marriage is unassailable. Journeying to England, Iachimo furtively obtains from the sleeping Imogen a token that he uses to convince Posthumus of her infidelity.

Is Cymbeline a girls name?

The name Cymbeline is a boy’s name of Greek origin meaning “sun lord or sun hound”. The title of a Shakespeare play based on legends featuring the early Celtic King Cunobelinus, whose name derives from the Gaulish sun god Belenus.

What is the story of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline?

Synopsis. Cymbeline is believed to be one of Shakespeare’s final plays and is about deceit, pursuit and seduction. The Duke, her second husband, has a son, Cloten, whom Cymbeline wants Innogen to marry; but she has secretly married a commoner, Posthumus Leonatus.

What is the significance of Iachimo’s invasion of Imogen’s Bedchamber?

Iachimo’s invasion of Imogen’s bedchamber reflects concern that Britain was being maligned by Italian influence.

Who played Iachimo in Twelfth Night?

Iachimo was played by Geoffrey Keen, whose father Malcolm had played Iachimo with Ashcroft at the Old Vic in 1932. Hall’s approach attempted to unify the play’s diversity by means of a fairy-tale topos.

Who plays Iachimo in Cymbeline?

In 2014, Ethan Hawke and director Michael Almereyda, who previously collaborated on the 2000 film Hamlet, re-teamed for the film Cymbeline, in which Hawke plays Iachimo. The film is set in the context of urban gang warfare. Ed Harris takes the title role.

How does Iachimo get Posthumus ring?

Posthumus must now live in Italy, where he meets Iachimo (or Giacomo), who challenges the prideful Posthumus to a bet that he, Iachimo, can seduce Imogen, whom Posthumus has praised for her chastity, and then bring Posthumus proof of Imogen’s adultery. If Iachimo wins, he will get Posthumus’s token ring.