Who is district collector of ariyalur?

Who is district collector of ariyalur?

Tmt. P. Ramana Saraswathi
Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S heads the District….COLLECTORS OF ARIYALUR DISTRICT – TILL DATE.

Sl.No. Name Period : From To
15. Tmt. P. Ramana Saraswathi, I.A.S., Profile | Photo-Gallery Assumed Office on 16.06.2021

How many Taluks are in Ariyalur district?

Four Taluks
Ariyalur District consists of two Revenue Divisions viz., Ariyalur and Udayarpalayam, Four Taluks viz., Ariyalur, Sendurai, Udayarpalayam and Andimadam (Andimadam Taluk is formed as per G.O.

Which caste is majority in Ariyalur district?

The total area of Ariyalur is 1940 sq.km with population density of 389 per sq.km. Out of total population, 88.9% of population lives in Urban area and 11.1% lives in Rural area. There are 23.34% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 1.42% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Ariyalur district.

Which district is largest in Tamilnadu?

Largest & Smallest District in Tamil Nadu by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest Coimbatore 7469 km²
Smallest Chennai 426 km2

Which is the smallest district in Tamil Nadu?

Kanniyakumari district
Kanniyakumari district is the smallest district in Tamil Nadu. Even though it is the smallest in terms of area (1672/Sq.Km), the density of population is the highest 1119/Sq.Km in Tamil Nadu next to Chennai.

Which is the rowdy city in Tamilnadu?

Tirunelveli district

Tirunelveli district
Coordinates:8.65°N 77.383°ECoordinates:8.65°N 77.383°E
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District formed on 1 September 1790

Who is the king of Tamil Nadu?

The king of Kalinga, Kharavela, who ruled around 150 BCE, mentioned in the famous Hathigumpha inscription of the confederacy of the Tamil kingdoms that had existed for over 100 years. Karikala Chola was the most famous early Chola. He is mentioned in a number of poems in the Sangam poetry.

How many municipalities are there in Ariyalur?

There are two Municipalities viz. Ariyalur & Jayankondam and two Town Panchayats viz. Udayarpalayam & Varadharajanpettai. District Control Room, Collectorate, Ariyalur.

How did Ariyalur district come into existence?

New Ariyalur District came into existence by the bifurcation of Perambalur District as per G.O. (Ms)No.683 Revenue (RA1 (1)) Department dated 19.11.2007. It is bounded on the North by Cuddalore, South by Thanjavur, East by Cuddalore and Thanjavur and West by Perambalur and Tiruchirapalli districts.

What are the duties of an additional collector in a district?

He deals mainly with planning and development, law and order, general elections, arms licensing etc.The Additional Collector/ District Revenue Officer runs the Revenue administration under various enactments in the District. He is also designated as Additional District Magistrate.