Who is distributing the 3M 9010 and 9502+N95 models?

Who is distributing the 3M 9010 and 9502+N95 models?

Except for models 9010 and 9502+N95, no entity other than FEMA is directly acquiring these models from 3M and distributing them in the United States.

Are 3M filtering facepiece respirators in exhibit 1?

Several 3M filtering facepiece respirator (FFR) models were in Exhibit 1 to the March 28 EUA and Appendix A to the April 3 EUA. Not all respirator models on these lists were imported into the United States.

How are 3M N95 respirators fit tested?

3M respirators acquired by FEMA in Asia are fit tested the same way as N95 respirators typically sold and used in the U.S. – with qualitative fit testing using BitrexTM or saccharin, as well as quantitative fit testing using a TSI PortaCount® being acceptable. Respirator fit testing resources can be found on the 3M website.

What do the colour codes on 3M products mean?

EN141, the European standard for gas fi lters, classifi es gases and vapours into the following groups, each of which are designated a standard colour coding. There are coloured bands on 3M 6000 series fi lters using this coding to denote the nature of the protection that each product provides. A – Organic Vapours (boiling point >65°C).

Where can I find 3M respirators?

FEMA is the only entity that is acquiring significant quantities of 3M respirators directly from 3M in Asia and then importing and distributing those models of respirators in the United States. If still unsure, contact the 3M fraud hotline at 1 (800) 426-8688.

How many patents does 3M have?

3M Science. Applied to Life. 3M United States In 2021, science has inspired a sense of optimism around the world. We never stop inventing. We have over 100,000 patents to prove it. Get help using and locating our products. View Safety Data Sheets & Compliance Requirements.